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Top 7 Tips to Become a Better COD Warzone Player

Call of Duty is no doubt the most popular game of the recent era. It is also the most influential game for gaming enthusiasts. The game has made of very big impact on the mind of gamers. However, the game is not as simple as it seems which is why we have come up with some extraordinary tricks and tips that will help you to become a very good COD warzone hwid spoofer player in a very short time.

1- Understand your loadouts:

While you are playing Call of Duty War Zone, you need to be well aware of your loadouts. If you are not well acquainted with your loadouts, your enemies will easily target you. Understanding the loadout will give you a very big advantage in your game. However, knowing the loadout is not enough. You will also have to know how exactly you are going to make use of them. Two of the most important pieces of equipment available in COD Warzone are stim and throwing the knife. By throwing the knife, you will easily be able to kill your enemies while the stim will allow you to regain your health. You should also be aware of the concept of Battlelog.

2- Have proper knowledge of your health:

Your health is a very important factor in the game. In case your health deteriorates, your chances of losing the game will also increase. Here, in this game, you have only one life to depend on. So, if you keep chasing your enemies, your chances of getting killed are also elevated. You must always keep an eye on your health before you get closer to your enemy. A single foolish move on your part can lead to you losing the game. However, even if you die, you will be sent to the Gulag where you can fight with another enemy and get back to the game.

3- Make good use of cheats:

You can also take the advantage of cheats to make progress in the game. Cheats are unofficial ways of conquering your enemy. It will allow you to kill your enemy before they get a chance to attack you. Cheats will make the game a lot simpler for you especially when you are in your initial stages. Using the right cheats will also allow you to improve your skills.

4- Try to be strategic all the time:

The game of Call of Duty is all about strategies. The better strategies you made, the better will be your chances of winning the game. You can also make use of the flag to grab the attention of the enemies. You can then kill your enemy instantly and make really good progress in your game. There are various other strategies as well that you can use from time to time to become a pro at Call of Duty Warzone.

5- Sometimes do take risk in tiebreakers:

A very interesting aspect of the game is the tiebreaker. All the players will get the opportunity to die if no other players take damage at a particular time. This means you can make a quick move and take your damage before everyone. However, this step needs to be taken very carefully. In case the enemies spot you, they can simply kill you and win the game.

6- Know your map:

You need to have a really good knowledge of the map of the game. This will help you to save yourself from an unforeseen situation. You need to know every single aspect of the different warzones that are available on the map. Knowing the map can become really advantageous for your survival. This will also help you to know all the escape routes so that you can make a quick escape whenever you come across an enemy.

7- Do not always wait for your turn:

It is a foolish idea to wait for your own turn in order to get yourself involved in the game. You should try to make your own opportunities as you make progress in the game. This will also allow you to play before time and gain an advantage over your enemies.

Other than the points mentioned above, you can also frequently practice your gaming skills in order to create a good position for yourself in the game. Also, do let us know how helpful these tips were to you while you were playing your game.

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