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7 Games You Can Play with Your Friends Online

Do you remember how good were the times when you and your friends gathered every evening to have that thrill of Cricket in that narrow street where you all lived? But as years passed, friends took a backseat and those quality times spent with them became memories. Still, there are times when those years flash right in front of you and all you want is to relive those moments over and over again.

We don’t want you to give up on anything, just yet. There are many online games that have been introduced to let you enjoy those moments by connecting with your friends virtually. From Fantasy League on MPL to Rogue Heist, you have a plethora of alternatives when it comes to games. So all you need to do now is sit back, take a trip down the memory lane.

Fantasy Cricket League

People live on schedules, ignoring work to play cricket on a real ground is not realistic for many. Thanks to various platforms that help you connect and play against the people you know.

The Rules are simple. A user creates a virtual cricket team by including a total of 11 players from a real match scheduled between two teams. The users strive to earn as many points as possible to have a better rank and good chances of winning some great prizes. Fantasy League on MPL is one of the most widely chosen games, the platform sees people of all group ages.

To begin with, you need to select a match you are interested to play. The second step is to create your team by selecting a mix of players, depending on who you think will perform the best. There are many free contests for beginners to test their skills at the game before they jump into cash contests. You can follow the match to get updates and also check the leaderboard to see how the players are performing. Finally, based on the prize money you win, you can withdraw the winning amount instantly.

Fantasy Cricket League enhances your data-driven decision-making skills. So what are you waiting for? Play, Earn & Learn at the same time!


How long since you last played a Ludo game inside your room on a board with all your friends? Why not take some time off from your busy schedule and take a long breath in these stressful times. And games can be a good way to do that!

Online board games have always been preferred over other online games by game enthusiasts, as far as spending good times with friends is concerned. Moreover, during the lockdown, the entire nation witnessed an upward trend of online games for passing their free time, and online Ludo was surely one of the biggest hits. This came following the craze for the game among the players irrespective of the age group they belonged to.

To play with your friends, you can generate a code and share with your gang, the members of which can then join the game by connecting with you via the internet from any corner of the world. Once you and your friends have joined the game, you can start it immediately and play seamlessly.

Sea of Thieves

Missing the beach views lately? Well, Sea of Thieves is the game for you! Invite your friends by sharing the code generated online. Enjoy the multiplayer experience at an extremely easy to navigate user interface that many online gaming platforms offer. The players play pirates and they seek treasure together. You can engage in a battle with other gamers as well. The best part is you, as a player, can take up to three friends on the voyage on the high seas. Take a stroll through this adventurous multiplayer game with friends and family.

Play the game to be the ultimate warrior!.


Are you a Basketball fan? If yes, the postponement of the season might have affected you to a great extent. With social distancing taking a toll over everyone’s life, the game developers planned to make sure you don’t miss this season of your favourite league. Gamers are allowed to finish the season themselves while awaiting the next season to commence again as soon as possible. You can create a full squad with your friends and family and begin your own game, which will be no less than the real experience. This game is a must-try!

Call of Duty

If you are interested in playing shooting games, Call of Duty with friends would be one of the best games to kill your boredom. You can connect with your near and dear ones and enjoy this multiplayer game anytime from anywhere.

Have you tried the latest version of the game – Warzone? If you haven’t, you should. It gives a powerful gaming experience. It takes the widely sought-after battle royale category to a completely another level. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it is free to download.

Rogue Heist

Whether you want to play alone or with friends, this game will give you a chance to experience a super-exciting shooting, hard to forget gameplay. The gunplay here is a continuous process. The game is highly engaging and hence most of the players appreciate the game for its intense appeal and the real-time essence it offers. You can build your own team, create a plan, make a strategy and choose your gaming mode before you begin. Whether you choose MPL or any other platform to start the game, just make sure you are associating with a legal source.

Click on the online gaming platform you want to associate with and see how wonderful your experience becomes.

Speed Chess

Remember that chess game that gave a taste of first defeat, back in school? Since then, you have been practising the game, right? How about challenging that person one last time? Invite him/her for a speed chess game online and play to see if your practice has made you a better player at the game. This is the game, which you may play with your kids too, it sharpens their mind up, makes them think in all directions. This strategy-based game enhances and stimulates the brain and thereby improves the cognitive abilities of your child too.

The above-mentioned games not only give you a chance to collaborate with friends once again but also acts as a stress buster, after work. These games are making ‘stay-at-home’ worth it. Play now and catch that breath of excitement with your first win!

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