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Sugru’s New Rebel Tech Kit

Sometimes, we just want to put a small invention to “great use” like hanging a headphone next to the computer. Why look for a product that does such a simple task when you can just make one on your own? Yes, Sugru’s New Rebel Tech Kit allows you to make almost anything that you need with your imagination being the only limit.

What is Sugru’s Rebel Tech Kit?

Sugru’s New Rebel Tech Kit is a mouldable glue that can be used to fix or enhance the function of almost everything. It is made partly from superglue and plasticine which helps it stay in form and attach itself to pretty much any surface, at the same time. In other words, anyone (teenager, adults or elders) can open a Rebel Tech Kit sachet, mold its content to any shape, apply it, and leave to set. It’s so simple, even people with limited imagination or those who have never tried their hands on a DIY project can figure out lots of things to do with this product.

What comes in the box?

Sugru’s New Rebel Tech Kit comes in quite a small box, made from tin, for easy storage and handling. In each package, you will find 4 sachets of Sugru mouldable glue, a booklet, and a remover. The booklet contains a hacking guide designed to help users get the most out of their gadgets and includes small and fun DIY projects to help with everything from improving the sound on speakers and fixing fraying cables to securing iPads anywhere and giving smart technology a whole new meaning. Finally, the mouldable glue comes in 4 basic color choices. These include snow white, pitch black, silver grey, and classic red. Note that although some users may initially find using colored mouldable glue a little bit weird, they can be used in coordination with other goods.


What can you do with Sugru’s New Rebel tech Kit?

Sugru’s Rebel Tech Kit can be very useful in a lot of ways. Thanks to its small size, it can be used as a cool Christmas present for tech lovers or even as a little stocking filler for that special time of the year. Alternatively, it could also be the perfect birthday present for a tech geek or anyone who’s thinking of buying someone a tub of mouldable glue.

Other uses range from laptop bumpers to accessorizing gaming control, cable protection or simply mending cables with damaged sleeves.

Top Tips

Sugru’s Rebel Tech Kit can be fun to use. Its waterproof, heat and cold resistance, flexibility, strength, and durability makes it very suitable for electronic use. For example, you can mold it, shape it, and then attached it anywhere. However, the fact that it is similar to playdough does not make it a toy and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Additionally, it is aesthetically pleasing and environment-friendly. Thus, it can be used a means to beautify or fix broken gadgets instead of simply throwing them away, respectively. For longer use, store in a fridge or freezer.

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