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UAG Ash Case for MacBook Air 13″

MacBooks are an expensive but worthwhile investment. With their aluminum bodies, smooth operating systems, and aesthetic beauty, many people dream of having one.

One of the most sought-after models for those who do not require extremely heavy use of their laptops is the MacBook Air. Its slim body is unlike any other found in the market and is a thing of beauty. When taken out of the box, the chrome seems to shine.

Since I’d invested so much money in buying my dream laptop, I needed a case to keep it as safe as possible.

Finding the perfect case for my 13” MacBook Air has been a hassle, to say the least. I looked at hard cases first, only to be disappointed. The hard bodies offered a modicum of protection but usually ended up scratching the body more than if I had just left the laptop alone.

Silicone cases are usually the most shock resistant for phones, so I wanted to find one like that.

I’m notorious for dropping my electronics a lot, something that my last laptop can testify to. A hard case scratched up my laptop, and a cloth cover just wasn’t protective enough.

Then, someone referred me to Urban Armor Gear and said that their products were pretty durable. Skeptical, I decided it couldn’t hurt. There I found both the ICE and ASH Case shades for close to 80 dollars.

While the price seemed initially high for me, I decided if I could spend thousands of dollars on a laptop, then I could definitely spend a bit on keeping it safe to ensure it lasted more than a year.

Frankly, the “Military Standard Drop-Tested” claim sold me. I was curious to see if that was actually true. I chose the darker of the 2 gray shades available and placed my order.

UAG case

Let me just say, that’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a laptop case. It fits my MacBook Air perfectly and actually has a Dual Lock™ Closure System to secure the screen when closed.

Furthermore, the FrogSkin kept the laptop firmly in my hands, even when my palms were wet or sweaty while the armored shell did prove resistant to impact bumps, tested out when I was carrying my laptop at my side and accidentally bumped into a corner table.

When I was using the laptop with the case on it, I didn’t experience the obstruction of the cooling vents, as some other cases tend to do; in fact, the airflow remained unobstructed.

Additionally, when it fell off my bed one morning onto the tiled floor, the laptop inside remained unscathed, and neither did the case break. That’s attributed to its brilliant design, with a hard outer shell and softer impact resistant core.

Overall, this is the best case I’ve ever bought for a laptop. It is definitely worth the price. I will most likely be shopping from Urban Armor Gear again, for cases for my other electronics.

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