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Record Your Journey with MiVue 658

Perhaps, one of the major characteristics of this age is the fact that digital cameras are everywhere thanks to mobile technology. Although they are most commonly present on the increasingly prevalent smartphone devices, motorists are fast joining in the craze thanks to the emergence of dashboard cameras otherwise known as dashcams. This is why when we got the opportunity to try one, it was most difficult to say no.

MiVue 658

Specifically, the MiVue 658 video recorder attached to the dashboard of your car helps you keep evidence of the incidents you face on the road. It captures photos and videos, in HD, which can help you prove your innocence to the authorities or claim insurance, in the case of an accident. Moreover, its smart safety alert system coupled with WIFI access and integrated GPS adds to the reliability of the gadget. Consequently, users can record and share recorded content, immediately, over the internet.

The dashcam is built with state of the art technology. It’s 2.7 inches wide screen with a touchscreen feature which allows users to operate it just like their day to day smartphone. In particular, MiVue 658’s F1.8 lens, with 4.0 megapixels zoom, makes it possible to capture wide-angle pictures and videos in high definition whilst driving. The images captured using its camera are bright and clear even when the light is low. Moreover, the rotatable mounting design of MiVue 658 helps to capture videos in 360° as users can rotate the camera to capture every incident while driving.

In addition, a built-in smart sensor makes the camera start recording the moment you start driving. By downloading MiVue Mobile App, users can easily establish a connection with the dashcam, thereby having the liberty to operate it through their smartphone. Consequently, drivers can stay in touch with their loved ones at all times by recording HD photos and videos, and sharing them on social media or via emails to friends at the moment of capture.

MiVue 658

Apart from the fun factor offered by the camera, MiVue 658 helps ensure safety on the road as well. It comes with safety camera warnings which warn users about the road ahead. It also cautions users where there is the need to be more focused on the road. Moreover, the speed alarm starts beeping whenever the driver is over the safe speed limit. So it not only captures videos and takes HD pictures but also ensures that you and your loved ones remain safe in your vehicle during the journey.

Furthermore, its parking mode becomes instantly active when it detects a moment in its path while you’re away from your where your vehicle is parked. This means that the camera automatically starts taking pictures to keep you updated with whatever is going on around your car while it is still parked. This functionality, however, needs a constant supply of power to operate, so you will need to attach a smart box to energize it when your car is turned off.

Our experience shows MiVue 658 in very good light; a good mixture of style and safety. Now, you can stay connected and feel safe, all the time, wherever you go with its WIFI supported dashcam.

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