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The Most Popular Industries for Apps

The world of app technology has exploded in just a few short years. Prior to 2009, the word “app” was more likely to elicit images of a job application than a piece of software, but mobile advancements and technology have changed all of that. Because of the increase in pocket power, people are now able to access information, communicate with one another, enjoy entertainment and play games from the convenience of their phones. While apps have become prominent across all industries, some have been profoundly impacted by their development. Today, we’ll discuss the most popular industries for apps in terms of prevalence and how they’ve helped these industries grow.

Video Games

PC and console video gaming has been a major entertainment industry in some way or another for around 30 years. With billions of dollars every year in sales, there’s a lot of demand for RPGs, first-person shooters, puzzle-based games and more. Mobile apps have fuelled an explosion of growth in this already large field, allowing independent companies and even individuals to develop successful and entertaining apps for sale. Through ad revenue and direct sales of apps, the video game industry is on pace to add billions more in annual revenue to its bottom line. Whether it’s the biggest console and PC games or something completely new, the world of apps has opened new doors for developers of video games.


Depending on where you live, going to a casino may not be an easy or even legal task. Those who want to enjoy a weekend of gambling may have to travel outside the country or even further away in order to have a bit of fun, but thanks to apps, this is no longer a requirement. The casino industry has cashed in big on app development in recent years, using it as a platform to develop legal forms of online gambling. The first online mobile casino, mFortune, has been highly successful at driving large amounts of business to its online portal through the development of mobile apps. With many different games served up through its online and app-based interfaces, those who are ready to have a bit of fun can spend countless hours enjoying the games they love.

Social Media

The world of social media began growing in size and scope a little more than a decade ago, but it was the development of mobile apps that made its fixture in daily life truly possible. Whether you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there is an app that allows you to connect with everyone and everything you love instantaneously. From instant status updates to videos and posts, anyone with a mobile device, an internet connection and a social media app can provide updates and enjoy entertainment at any time. While websites like Facebook and MySpace paved the way for social media dominance in today’s world, it was the development of the app that allowed this industry to explode into the power-house influence in daily life that it is today.

Countless industries have expanded and have been improved by app development. Social media, casinos and video games, however, have seen massive expansions due to the app and will continue to grow at rapid rates because of it.

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