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Leveraging New Technology in Entertainment Industry Brought Mobile Applications to the Forefront

Smartphones have reshaped every sort of industry. Mobile phones are used in every way, be it communication hubs, entertainment portals, or gateway to seek information. Hardly there is any sector that is untouched by the impact of smartphones.

Talking about the industry using smartphones the most is the entertainment industry. With hundreds of entertainment apps luring around like Netflix clone, Amazon, and several others. The entertainment sector has brought mobile applications to the forefront.

How Digital Entertainment is Ushering in a New Era in The Field of Media & Entertainment - [x]cube LABS

The reason behind the popularity of smartphones is the ability to integrate new-age technologies via mobile applications. Yes, technological innovations have a massive impact on the entertainment industry.

Whether AR/VR, blockchain, voice search chatbots, and many more mobile apps got everything covered. 

In a report recorded from the mobile app development companies, around 8 lakh apps are developed by 1.5 lakh developers. This clears the importance of mobile applications in delivering the new age technology. Let’s get straight to the point with the below blog post!

Top-Notch Technologies Creating Win-Win Situation For The Entertainment Market

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence, the great giant in new-age technology, has improved entertainment delivery and boosted app downloads. Almost every mobile app development company uses AI-based technology within the apps they develop.

HD animation, OOH advertising, radio, VFX, or realistic visual effects are some of the top features that made AI rule the entertainment apps. 

Be it rapid delivery, providing high-quality video streaming content, and facilitating real-time streaming, there are ample ways AI brings entertainment to the forefront. 

A report states that the global AI software market alone is expected to reach 118.6 billion by 2025. The record says it is all about how the entertainment sector is utilizing AI-driven solutions for growth.

Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Incoming 2022 entertainment industry can’t stay behind leveraging AR and VR-like technology. This promising technology provides a seamless experience to the users.

Such technology has managed to gain the spotlight after the top leaders like Google and Facebook have adopted it. By bringing mobility and accessibility, AR and VR helped users to see the virtual world more closely. 

AR and VR improved user interface, immersing the technology to the peak, whether gaming, video streaming, or video maker apps. The benefit it gave is the adding incredible artifacts for customers who stream videos or go live. 

According to a source, indulging AR technology experiences are 200% more engaging as they tend to deliver double engagement in platforms compared to apps that do not use it.  

Internet of Things 

Internet of Things importance within the entertainment sector cannot be hidden. During a pandemic when most businesses were shut, companies like Amazon and Netflix made huge profits. Wondering how? It’s because of the internet of things technology.

From managing advertising campaigns, creating interactive content, enhancing audience reach, bringing personalized content, IoT has brought several advantages. With this, it is clear the IoT has created rifts within the entertainment industry. 

In a report provided by Accenture, the number of connected devices that are IoT is expected to rise beyond 40 billion by 2024. This clearly shows that IoT is making its space generating next-level revenue for the entertainment sector. 

Voice Search Technology 

Voice search technology is a new technology in entertainment stirring up the users’ experience on the entertainment apps. Be it video streaming, gaming, content creation, or other apps, and voice search technology makes things more accessible. Users can easily search their content over the apps just by word of mouth.

The technology has come forward as voice bots in the entertainment app industry. And the reason behind the development is the innovation of smartphones with voice bots. It can be seen that voice bots make it easy for users to speak and find things on their screens. 

The combination of AI and machine learning together is what made voice search technology transform the ways for the entertainment industry.

The inclusion of intelligent speakers for quick findings with the technology has boosted the entertainment sector. 

And a true example of such technology is the leading Google assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. All such platforms are using voice search technology and scratching the profits for the entertainment industry.

The users just start speaking, and the device, on the other hand, responds accordingly.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is another new age technology that reshaped the entertainment segment. It has made entertainment apps immersive like never before. By improving user experience, bringing the virtual world closer, wearable devices have enhanced entertainment apps. 

Users feel more accessible to content and things they look for. They feel hassle-free in playing virtual reality games and listening to music. And the true example of such technology is the smartwatches and bands.

By wearing them regularly, you are easily accessible to apps and do everything in a few clicks. The immense popularity of wearable devices increased the development of apps integrated with its features. 

Video Creation Technology

Video streaming is leading the world of entertainment. Regardless of age, region, time, video streaming has managed to win users’ hearts around. Platforms like Amazon and Netflix are the top leaders.

You will witness such applications in almost half of the audience smartphones globally, making it necessary to develop technology associated with it. 

This is where video creation technology came as a primary addition in the entertainment market. With this technology, the developers aim at enhancing visual representation.

Also, one can view multiple screens at the same time. This master technology has managed to deliver the right content, automating the process of video creation in standard as well as in Netflix clone script

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is taking the limelight with its excellent functionality and feature. The new technology in entertainment has revamped the profits generated through the entertainment apps.

This is the reason the technology gained a sudden momentum in the industry. Be it revenue generation, sharing earnings, royalty payments, setting a price, blockchain serves in every aspect boosting profits for the entertainment app sector. 

The inclusion of this technology has made content royalty distribution more transparent, secure, and automated. Moreover, the technology has made quick and secure payments possible for users, eliminating the need for old-age traditional systems. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another fantastic technology levelling up things to the peak. With smartphones getting unlocked with facial recognition, the applications are revamped. This technology combines the features of AI and visual recognition.  

Users can easily access accurate time data. Also, app owners, on the other hand, get real-time insights into user behaviour. In this way, technology tends to provide accurate results to the entertainment world.

Also, for security reasons, the technology lets users capture the authentic timer images and verify their accounts. 

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based apps are a new normal. And the entertainment sector is adopting it to the deepest. With increasing cyberattacks, breaches, and hacking, the security of apps became a question.

Users get concerned about whether they should register with the apps or not. This is where the entertainment industry lookout for ways to combat security with cloud technology.  

This fascinating technology helped the entertainment sector to make its platform more secure and reliable. With user registration to its search, the technology keeps everything confidential done within the apps.

Also, it prevents illegal attempts to breach the app information and protects the app against cyber attacks. 

Digital Transformation Trends 2021 in Media & Entertainment

Ready to leverage the latest technology in mobile applications?

I hope now you know the impact of technology on entertainment. Innovations in technology will keep on coming. In that scenario, what is needed from the side of the entertainment sector is to maintain the pace.

By staying updated with the latest trends and technology, they will keep upgrading their applications and make them more user-friendly.

Also, the best they can do is to get in touch with the mobile app development firms. Such companies leave no stone unturned in providing the best possible benefits of the newest technology.  

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Sophia Mills is a technical content writer and editor who generally write technology-based blogs and articles. She has a few published pieces under Mobile applications, and Data science consists of proven techniques, future cost, and benefits. Looking into the current, Sophia is writing her first full-length article on Trends of Mobile application Development.

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