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Marketing Ideas For Instagram TV At Your Salon

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the beauty industry, but videos take the cake when it comes to marketing. Did you know that one-third of online user activity is spent watching videos? This powerful marketing tool is perfect for modern-day customers, who prefer to see what you can offer them. Eye-catching photos and videos are a must, so if you are already using Instagram to grow your salon, it’s time to get familiar with Instagram TV (or IGTV). This recently launched app allows you to share videos up to 1 hour in length, in full screen and portrait mode. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of this tool at your salon.

Build your position as an expert

The video is a perfect format for tutorials, inspirational talks, interviews, how-to’s, etc. Use Instagram TV to demonstrate your skills and share your beauty tips. Creating a library of useful tutorials and educational videos is a great way to grow your Instagram presence. It can be beneficial in establishing your credibility and authority on a particular subject, allowing you to reach even more people through social media channels.

Let followers look inside your salon

People enjoy having an “inside look” into things that interest them, so provide a visual taste of what they can expect to see at your salon. It can be a video showing the interior decor and furnishings, or a spa treatment with relaxing background music. Lively hair salons can opt for a more dynamic video showing all the cool things that are happening there every day. Take your customers on a tour around your salon, and while you narrate, tell funny stories and show them why you love your job. Let the viewers feel the atmosphere of your salon and make them want to try all those great services you provide.

Let people get to know your business better

Have you considered preparing a video greeting or introduction to the services provided at your salon? By giving your followers insight into how you got started and what makes your salon unique, you lay the foundation for more personal relations. Introduce your staff and let them tell their own stories. It’s a perfect way to give your salon a human face and make it more hospitable.

What’s more, staff videos can become a part of your employer branding strategy.

Introduce new products

IGTV is an excellent tool to promote new products, offers, and treatments. You can post a review video of a new product and demonstrate how to use it. With your customers’ consent, record them trying new beauty treatments and sharing their feedback afterward. The IGTV app allows you to share captivating video content that will educate and inspire your followers, grab their interest and turn them into your customers. Make IGTV a part of your marketing strategy and check out how tools like Versum – – make it easier for you to achieve your marketing goals.

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