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How to Use Keywords on Your Social Networks

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If you have a website or a blog page, you are already familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) understanding that there can be no SEO without keywords.

But what are the keywords? These are the words and phrases that your audience use to search for products and services online. Keywords are essential to ensure that your target audience finds your online profile.

Whenever you type a word or a phrase on the search bar, an algorithm runs in the background to determine the profile to display on the result page.

For instance, if a consumer needs pharmaceutical services, they only need to type “pharmaceutical services” Google, and the list of pharmaceutical services will crop up. Social media search works the same.

Likewise, if they require manicure or pedicure – well, now you’ve got the concept.

Well, what I wanted you to take home is that social media searches are slowly growing into search services like Google and other famous search engines.

So, what is required of you to top the social media search engines’ pages? You need to find your keywords and there are some great tools to do the keyword research for no cost.

Keen keyword choices, coupled with their smart placements, will easily see you up the social media search page ladder. Appearing on the top of any search result page is one of the most significant indicators of success in your online marketing strategy.

Read on to understand how to use keywords on your social networks.

How do You Use Keywords on Your Social Networks?

To effectively use keywords on your social media networks, make sure that you succinctly use them in your Twitter media bio, in your Facebook “about description,” and on your LinkedIn’s headline.

Let them precisely point out what you do, your services, and your interests.

More importantly, the skill section of your LinkedIn should be entirely focused on the keywords. Remember to use these keywords as naturally as possible in all your online content, including your blogs, web pages, and descriptions.

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How Can You Be Found on Social Media Easily?

Simple – by strategically placing keywords in all that you do on social media platforms. Indeed, it will take some initial homework, but you reap the benefits in multiple ways.

Do not think that popular search engines are not aware of what goes on social media. They are always watching, and they will reward you by ranking you high on their search results. They are still on the lookout for the key indicators that help determine where to place you in their search results.

Whenever you use specific keywords in your Facebook posts, tweets, blog titles, LinkedIn profiles, and YouTube videos, then you are meritoriously conveying a message to the search engines on how you want to be found.

Excellent use of keywords phrases and questions bridges the gap between your target audience that you can offer your services, connect with, and, more importantly—sell your products to.

How Do You Come Up with Effective Keywords?

Selecting the right keyword for your social media networks is all about doing some homework. It may be tiresome, but I can bet that you will eventually understand that it is time well spent.

Whichever social media you are using, keywords research will help you and your business to:

  • Better understand the customer’s perspective
  • Track the trending topics or messages that will be engaging to your target audience
  • Gauge your market interest for your products and services.

There are tons of ways to research your keywords. The task is simple – try to think like a customer and use the platform’s tools to figure out how much traffic they can bring your page.

Brainstorm the skill areas as well as the subjects you want to be found for. Focus on the developed keywords and try to expand them into questions and short phrases.

What are the subject areas your target audience might most likely search for?

  • Where exactly are your customers in the buying process? Early on, customers might be looking for problem-based keywords. Later on, they begin to search for solution-based keywords.
  • Do not introduce the branded keywords until the customers are in the decision stage
  • Your products and services’ frequently asked questions
  • The benefits and features of your product

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Using Google Suggest for Your Keyword Search

Type some keywords on the Google search bar and see what it predicts.

Also, you can scroll down up to the bottom of the search result page and check the list of related search suggestions.

Figure out how you can integrate those suggestions with your product line and your social media posts.

In case you are using video social media like YouTube, you will also find a suggestion tool specifically for video keywords searches.

Other useful tools include BuzzSumo and Wordtracker. BuzzSumo, for instance, is an excellent tool for getting the trending topics and the ones that are shared most on social media.

In Short

When you go to a driving school, you don’t take only the steering and braking information alone. You have to combine all the instructions to become a fabulous driver. With time, you develop excellent driving skills and severely reduce the chances of causing an accident.

The same notion applies to your social media keyword usage. Do not only select one tip from the above but pick them as a whole package. Test, re-test, and put them into action.

Mary is a passionate blogger and the chief editor at her own content marketing company Since college, she’s been interested in break-through technology and technical writing about innovative products and services that change our everyday lives for the better.

She’s also interested in web design and photography.

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