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Getting Past Stat Checking

traffic-per-hour-awstats-300x1041.pngWhen I started internet marketing one of the biggest things I ended up wasting my time doing was endlessly refreshing my stats. My sales stats, my traffic stats, my backlinks, my traffic, the keywords people were using. Now, don’t get me wrong, all of this is important. But you can end up missing the forest for the trees and spending all of your time refreshing your stats without actually spending time creating new content.  It’s incredibly important to build out your websites and add more content on a regular basis.

Here are some tips on how to get past this behavior.

Minimize The Amount Of Time You Check Your Stats

I would sometimes check my traffic every 10 minutes. This is a huge waste of time! Check your traffic twice a day, and no more. Do the same with other stats. Unless you see something terribly amiss and you need to monitor it, you should try not to focus on individual stats hour to hour.

Post More Content

The more content you post, the more traffic you’ll get naturally. If you make it GOOD content, even better, and the more likely that you’ll get more traffic. You’ll also draw in natural links and social shares if you have good content. Evergreen content is even better, as it will pull in links and shares year round, for a long time.

Just focus more on naturally growing your site.

Do Good Keyword Research

If you do good keyword research then you’ll automatically pull in lots of traffic. The more traffic I got, the less obsessed I was with checking my stats. Also, make sure you target a good range of long tail keywords by using these long tail words in your content itself. A good keyword is worth its weight in gold if you can naturally draw in traffic from the search engines.

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Jon Downing has been writing on tech subjects and SEO for over 6 years. He writes for his tech website The PC Dojo.

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