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SIP Trunking: Crux Of Communication Systems

The need for communication is inherent in human beings. Life becomes not just difficult but unadventurous if we don’€™t have anyone to share our feelings and thoughts with. Over the years great minds have devised different ways in which we can share feelings, from telephone to letters. The latest innovation on similar lines is that of SIP trunking.

sip trunking

For newbies out there, SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, according to which, voice is sent through internet in the form of data packets. With a simple underlying concept, this technology provides us with something, which all of us had been crying for ages. But still if you are oblivious to the benefits SIP brings along, read on

Cost Savings:

  • Saving money on toilet paper, firing employees and BYOD are some of the methods companies are adhering to in order to save money and cut their capital outflow.
  • Instead of asking your employees to seek new pastures, it would be better to take up SIP trunking as the call rates in the SIP are very less naturally bringing down the expenses.
  • The call rates depend upon the plan you choose and are incurred as flat monthly rates instead of pay per call, allowing you to chat as long as you want.

Direct Inward Dialing:

  • DID is the way by which you can divert the calls internally. The main benefit of this technology is you don’t have to pay for every internal call you make.
  • The main benefit with SIP is that this feature comes as an add-on instead of a paid luxury. So organize a party anytime you want no need to worry about the phone bill.
  • In traditional or PRI system, this feature is rare and if present, is very expensive, thus most companies decide to make do without it.

Unlimited Long Distance:

  • With globalization at its peak, it is impossible that your business does not have any off-shore client.
  • Every time you summon him, the connection provider rejoices as he empties a large chunk from your pocket even for a short duration.
  • In SIP trunking such calls are billed on rental plan rather than per call, rendering you the freedom to call anyone from States to Japan with same cost. Now that is what I call world being flat.

Mr. Fantastic Like Scalability:

  • For the serious kind, Mr. Fantastic is a Marvel Comic character who could extend any part of his body. I deemed his reference important because with SIP in place, you would be able increase or decrease your connection lines without any hassle whatsoever.
  • In traditional systems, the increment in the number of lines is a painstaking task. But in SIP, a phone call is sufficed to do the deed.
  • Moreover if you are a fan of PRI, there is a fixed number of 23 by which you can scale up. So if you want 10 lines either buy the whole lot or sit tight at home. Period!

Centralized Answering:

  • With SIP installed, you can answer one incoming call from wherever you are. Be it your office or home.
  • What this does is create an atmosphere which can be monitored and is not something which runs on the mercy of employees. The inbox can be accessed from any corner of the world. Now you are not just the boss but a big boss.


  • The SIP trunking has given portability a whole new meaning.
  • With the help of SIP switching location without losing traffic has been made much simpler. One can port same lines to SIP trunk. The same number can be kept for inbound as well as outbound calls, saving the company from the hassle of distributing new number and quashing the fear of losing customers.

Removes Uncertainty:

  • When choosing upon the number of line your business should have, it is more often than not a guessing game. If the guess is right then the business will flourish, but if it is wrong you would either be paying for more lines than required or would be losing precious customers.
  • In SIP such is not the case as removal and addition of lines is very simple. Moreover the service providers generally give an accurate advice as to how many lines a business would require.

Finally we can say that SIP trunking is a much advanced way of communicating. It provides many features which traditional telephones don’t have. But at the end of the day the choice boils down to the need of the business. It is for the entrepreneur to decide what is best for the company. But rest assured SIP does give businessmen a lot to think about.

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