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Discover How to Boost Your Business Communication Efficiency and Cut Costs

So much has happened in recent years and today, communication goes beyond just relaying a message. To put it simply, it’s now a mutual transmission of ideas, questions, and opinions leading to a common understanding. In many cases, communication has emerged as a make or break aspect of every business. It’s for this reason that many businesses are scrambling to be part of the fast growing world of business communication.

Emergence of Efficient Business communication technologies

Now are you aware that a business can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month just by making a simple change in the way they communicate with their clients and customers?

According to Cisco systems, which is presently the largest provider of business communication solutions, equipment, particularly teleconferencing equipment and internet gadgetry, have recently experienced a surge in demand from businesses all around the world. This has been mostly alluded to the need for increased efficiency and cost reduction in business communication, especially if you have a remote offices or employees.

So, whether you own a small, medium or big business, here’s something you might want to learn about business communication efficiency. And by trying out some of these technologies, you can be able to cut your business communication cost to below $20 per month.

VoIP services

Many businesses today that have adopted VoIP phone systems continue to reap huge rewards. This particular telephony functionality has allowed for improved business services that has made business to race ahead in their capabilities as money, time and effort are not only saved but capitalized on.

How it cuts costs?

To begin with, calls between VoIP sites are completely free. In addition, with VoIP, call rates to cell phones and PSTN lines are reduced to normal calling fees. Line rentals, on the other hand, are charged at a reduced rate. And since its subscription is inclusive of services, there are no support fees. That is sure to save you huge sums of money.

Some of its key features include:

Greater usability – It has many extensions and lines which carries usability further. Business can thus build huge communication networks without expensive line rental.

Easy control – Its features are user friendly and so training is not necessary. In fact, any user can configure the system’s controls. That saves the cost of hiring specialists or technicians.

Diverse – With VoIP, you can easily manage voicemail and faxes. You can listen to your voicemail through an internet connection while fax messages can easily be converted into a date.


SIP currently leads the way when it comes to unified communications. It’s a technology that has completely revolutionized business communication.

Its most profound feature is that SIP is able to carry both your calls and data using just a single connection. And it does this without losing the quality and reliability of your information.

Generally, it’s perfect for not only unified communications, but also hosted contact centers and PBX.
When it comes to cost savings, you can expect to make on-net calls for free across the business. It also has 24/7 support services which eliminates the need to hire technicians and specialists in case you need something fixed or adjusted. It has also been proven to boost productivity.

Besides those we’ve mentioned, other business communication technologies that have demonstrated significant ability in cost reduction and boosting efficiency include:

  • Webinar-a conference room based seminar that can be attended by participants from anywhere around the globe with the help of a computer.
  • Cloud-Based IT connections– It’s a system that allows access to files and information regardless of their locations and device used.
  • WebRTC– a technology that allows business to integrate communication features and functions directly into web apps and websites without the need for proprietary technology.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that nearly every business today has its priorities set on reducing expenditures and other costs. And this makes it very wise to go for cheaper yet effective solutions. The role of each of the highlighted business communication technologies continues to increase by the day since many businesses have discovered their ability to cut costs and boost efficiency.

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Kerry was a MS Office expert, trainer and lecturer with eight years of experience. Currently exploring a life in Ireland and writing about IT on sites like IT Briefcase, Tech Acute and Microsoft.

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