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How the “Little Guys” Can Receive Reliable Wireless Video Transmission Service

Large scale organizations and media outlets have the ability to broadcast live video through a ‎satellite transmission truck which they own or rent. But the expense for renting and certainly for ‎owning these vehicles is well beyond the price which bootstrap news operations, activists and the ‎paparazzi can afford.‎

Live streaming video has become “the thing” that all audiences around the globe expect from ‎media outlets. But without a reliable wireless video transmitter (which were previously a very ‎expensive investment) this capability is impossible.‎

What About Smartphones Phones?‎

The most common belief that people have is that cellular video transmission is a reliable and ‎acceptable way of streaming live video. After all, isn’t that how everyone is doing it these days?‎

There are a number of real-time streaming apps available on the market and they are usually easy ‎to use. But not every app offers the same benefits and none of them are reliable. Many users find ‎themselves needing to sacrifice speed and simplicity for quality and features (and vice versa). ‎

This also does not take into account the reliability of the servers which are receiving and ‎communicating the data that you are streaming. Cellphone networks are already overloaded in ‎many instances and downtimes as well as lag are the norm. Viewers have become accustomed to ‎smooth, problem-free video and expect no less from you – even if you are a one-person operation.‎

How Transmission Backpacks Are Transforming The Industry

For the past few years there has not been a viable product that straddles the fine line between ‎smartphone livestreaming and having a full fledged satellite truck at your disposal. Fortunately, a ‎handful of innovative companies are now offering transmission backpacks amongst their ‎numerous products.‎

A transmission backpack is similar to having a satellite truck on your back. These uplink backpacks ‎typically offer a cellular-based live video uplink which can be broadcasted across the globe. Many ‎include both external and proprietary internal antenna arrays which provides you with satellite-‎like resiliency even when you are on the go.‎

What To Look For In A Transmission Backpack

Transmission backpacks can typically be rented for a monthly or reduced annual fee. This fee will ‎cover a number of expenses including:‎

  • The wireless bandwidth charges on all networks provided
  • The customized backpack
  • The dedicated static IP address necessary for being able to broadcast your life video
  • Several hours of wireless upstreaming (the best vendors will allow 30 hours or more)‎

The best products on the market today are ready to go live in less than one minute.‎

Vendors may offer a free web video streaming service which allows the streaming company to ‎insert their own ads into your content, or you can invest in paid upstreaming which gives you the ‎ability to insert your own ads. The paid version of these services also often allows for greater ‎bandwidth and removes some of the limitations which come with the free version.

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