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How Do Wix Apps Work?

Wix is one of the biggest HTML5 web-publishing platforms in the world. It was founded back in 2006 and became known for its high quality Flash websites which were visually stunning. However, it was forced to change its strategy once it became apparent that search engines didn’t like Flash hence the move to a HTML5 platform. Yet Wix were not content with being one of the leading website builders. It had a desire to transform the entire industry and it appears to have gone some way towards achieving this goal thanks to Wix Apps. In effect, Wix Apps allows you to create a fully integrated website for a small fraction of what it used to cost. Finally, the small business has the power!

What Is Wix Apps?

The Wix App Market enables you to integrate third-party apps to your site in seconds. All you have to do is click your mouse a few times as there is no downloading involved. Every app available has been designed to fit on to a Wix site with seamless ease in order to make sure each app chosen matches how your website looks and feels. This means you are now free to add an incredible amount of features to your website. You can add contact forms, Live Chat and eCommerce buttons such as PayPal. This app market will continue to grow and as it does, you will have access to an increased number of functions.

How It Works

App developers can create apps and offer them on the Wix marketplace for free. As there is no technical knowledge needed and no downloading, the apps only add to your user experience while taking away nothing. From the point of view of app developers, they can decide to charge for the apps and receive 70% of the revenue while Wix takes the other 30%.

As well as offering great features to users, the Wix App Market offers app developers the opportunity of a lifetime to make money from their hard work. At the time of writing, Wix’s user base is closing in on the 27 million mark. When it launched back in October 2012, the App Market opened with 25 apps including Instagram, Soundcloud and Tumblr. As you might expect, the number of apps available has increased dramatically with developers encouraged to showcase their talents. From the perspective of Wix users, they can create a HTML5 website and connect it to music playlists, blogs and photo feeds with just a few clicks.

Adding one of these apps is easy: Simply open the Wix HTML5 editor, click on the App Market logo, look through the apps, click on a suitable one and customize its settings to suit your needs. With these apps, you can share awesome pictures, sell and promote your goods/services, allow visitors to schedule online appointments, invite visitors to join your newsletter and much more! If you can’t find an app for a specific need, rest assured that such a gap in the market will soon be filled. Be sure to read reviews of Wix to see what other users have to say about the software. Now that you have the Wix App Market on your side, there is little you can’t achieve with a website builder so start creating your website with Wix today.

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Jason Kay is a website developer and marketer and enjoys sharing useful ways to help people promote their websites. He recommends using to create your own professional looking website.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. myles

    February 16, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Really great explanation on how these are get into working and made useful strings of coding. Thanks. 😉

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