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Hanging up on Smartphone Stigma: 7 Reasons Your Elderly Loved Ones Need a Smartphone

Growing up, elderly folks were lightyears away from the technological innovations to the smartphones and AI-enabled devices that define our lives today, which has resulted in a wide informational gap for seniors to surpass if they hope to take advantage of modern tech.

With a meteor shower of technological innovations raining down on the 21st century, many seniors are beginning to dip their toes into the digital age by experimenting with various devices like tablets, computers, and cellphones–despite the potent smartphone stigma. Though many have relegated smartphones as a modern convenience entertaining mind-numbed and social-media-addicted teenagers, senior citizens shouldn’t overlook the notable benefits of smartphone usage.

By keeping up with these high-tech times, your elderly loved one can enjoy entertaining applications, instant social connection, and reinvigorating mental stimulation by testing out different gadgets.

However, the process of selecting the perfect device can be challenging, especially with an influx of new products featuring complex functions that are difficult for many seniors to grasp. To combat nervousness and hesitance, ease your aging loved one into 21st-century technology by setting them up with a smartphone, like the Lively Smart from Lively Direct. That way, their digital introduction will be straightforward and stress-free.

Read on for seven ways smartphones can enrich senior’s daily lives.

Connects them to family and friends

One reason some elderly folks have bit the bullet and purchased a cellphone to stay connected with distant family and friends. Smartphones have call and text capabilities, and most devices feature video chat applications for an in-person feel without leaving the house. That way, you can spend quality time with your loved one, whether you’re in person or abroad.

Excellent source of entertainment

Another way seniors have taken advantage of modern technology is by utilizing entertaining applications to combat age-induced boredom. Smartphones feature thousands of applications that enable streaming, gameplay, social media, and internet browsing, which means endless possibilities for antsy seniors.

Instant access to emergency services

In addition to social connection and entertainment, cellular devices also keep your senior loved one safe and sound with immediate access to emergency services. As people age, they often experience mobility and cognitive ailments that can increase the risk of falling and injury. Some new, senior-friendly smartphones come with built-in medical contacts, and most allow you to customize settings for ease of access in case of an emergency.

Camera capabilities

While not necessary for every senior, it may be worth investing in a smartphone with camera capabilities so your loved one can capture tender moments and look back on the picture-perfect memories. Plus, if they struggle to recall specific events, their camera roll will be an incredible timeline filled with smiles and fond memories.

Health tracking and reminders

In addition to emergency service access, smartphones have health tracking applications for day-to-day use that can alert seniors of health irregularities and prompt them to take medications. Alerts are also beneficial for forgetful elders who need an extra reminder for meds, doctor’s visits, and important dates.

Mental stimulation

As people begin to age, they often need additional mental stimulation to keep their cognitive health in good shape. That said, smartphones offer brain exercise applications that enable seniors to work out their minds with the touch of a button. Between games like Sudoku, Mojang puzzles, and focus-based activities, your elderly loved one will have their hands full with mentally gratifying applications.

Wrapping up

Purchasing a smartphone for your senior loved one is more than a means to unlimited texting and calling. Ultimately, cellular devices allow elderly folk to browse the internet, build social connections, engage in mental stimulation, and track their health from the palm of their hands.

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