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5 Steps to Hack-Proof Your Smartphone

More than 60% of fraud originates from mobile devices, according to a study done by RSA Security LLC. Today, our phones are intertwined with our lives. With a few touches, you can view your account balance, make a payment, check your business transactions, and perform a myriad of other activities.

Digital thieves are no longer just targeting large corporations; the treasure trove of information in our phones has practically made us a target. Although you cannot entirely be immune to hacking attempts, closing some security pitfalls can help protect your information. Here’s how to hack-proof your phone.

Keep Your Device Up to Date

According to this forum here, one of the best ways to seal any vulnerabilities on your phone is by keeping its operating system updated. Still, many users don’t bother to install the updates. Luckily, most smartphone manufacturers roll out security updates regularly. These updates help you to patch up any loopholes that hackers may use to get access to your phone.

Hackers have the tools to scan your outdated apps for any flaws which they can exploit to gain access to your information. Therefore, it’s best you frequently check for new version releases and uninstall the apps which you don’t use.

Only Download Trusted Apps

Every smartphone app that is downloaded requests for special permissions when being installed. Untrusted apps may not only have malicious codes inside them, but they may also abuse permissions to collect some of your private information. This includes accessing your camera, microphone, or your files. To secure your phone, download apps from the original site and make sure you go through the reviews.

Put a Strong Passcode

A strong screen password acts as your first line of defense when it comes to securing your phone from all types of intruders. When setting a password, make sure it is unique, don’t recycle a password that you use on another platform, and complement it with a pattern lock. You can also adopt the latest innovations such as fingerprint identification and facial recognition.

To protect the mobile apps that hold some of your sensitive information, you should lock the individual apps and enable the two-factor authentication protocol. This is a security measure where you are asked to enter a code sent to you via a message before logging in to an account. Most apps support this security feature; therefore, you should utilize it to beef up your phone’s security.

Keep Away From Public Wi-Fi

Unsecured connections are a dangerous place to access the internet. By entering your login details to access an account, you run the risk of hackers intercepting your passwords and other private data. The best option is to avoid open wireless networks or utilize a virtual private network tool to encrypt your online activities and make it impossible for someone to snoop on you.

Ignore Any Spam

Spam emails are one of the favorite tactics used by digital thieves. According to an IBM study, mobile device users are three times more likely to respond to a phishing attack than desktop users. Inside these emails, lies malignant links or attachments. If clicked, the site may ask for your personal information which may lead to identity theft or install malware. To stay safe, it’s best you avoid opening junk emails and scrutinize any link before clicking.

Last Thoughts

With no security measures on your phone, online thieves have the capabilities to disrupt your finances and your personal life. Luckily, there are safety precautions we can embrace to keep the information in our smartphones safe. With the tips above, you can successfully hack-proof your phone.

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