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15 Crucial Features Important For Business Productivity Within An Android Smartphone

Those days are gone, when everything revolved around voice calls, and texting messages from within the device. Today, mobile has evolved into a powerful smartphone, or a mini computer bringing to users a right set of tools, for performing all sorts of daily productivity tasks.

Talking about productivity, how can users possibly transform their Android phone into an indispensable personal assistant? We have assembled for you 16 best features users look for in an app, in order to escalate their business productivity. Just get them on your Android smartphone, or tablet, and watch your productivity soar.

  • The app should be able to assemble important documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and more, for integrating the same with cloud storage services.
  • Should allow for an unrestricted access of files, and let users to share, delete, or move, the files and folders, as they want. It should be easy for users to manipulate the files and folders, for directly sharing them on multiple devices, and synchronizing them with one another when needed.
  • Many users get annoyed when they have to check their smartphone every now and then, while at work. This is because we get so many texts and calls at work, especially with WhatsApp gaining tremendous popularity. Imagine, checking your phone every time when you hear a notification sound. Why not do it on your PC or laptop, so that you can see everything with ease while working at the same time. The app should be capable of mirroring your smartphone on desktop, provide wireless transfer of files, browse device storage, allow seeing call logs, enable text transfers, and even notifications.
  • Help users to book and manage appointments with ease, whether related to clients, customers, business meetings, or more. They should be able to schedule their work hours, so that a notification turns up every time when an appointment is about to set.
  • Enable users to have a collection of task lists, daily job duties, or thoughts. Let them share, manage, and record the same. Allow them to jot down important things in the form of memos, and transcribed the voice files into text automatically. Enable users to include image files with notes, and even help them to make a relevant search.
  • Provide for a smooth interface for creating invoices, receipts, miles, time, and creating time-based reports, as and when required. Let your app scan the receipts, pull out the relevant invoices, and assemble them automatically in separate records for future access.
  • The app should act as a GPS locator by itself, to track the logistics related details such as miles travelled, in time of vehicles, out time of vehicles, constant touch with source and destination, and more, for helping businesses to transfer goods from one place to another.
  • Make users available with a centralized place for tracking and storing all the travel related details, like car rental, hotel bookings, and flight reservations. Also, allow them to extract important information through a user-friendly comprehensive user interface.
  • Make global languages available within your app, so that worldwide users can operate text within their own language, enabling your app to have a universal appeal. Allow users type a phrase in native language, and translate the same into whatever language they want. Further, let them take a snapshot of a document, menu, sign, label, button, and let the translate feature decipher the text. Speak in one language, and let your app translate the same into another.
  • With an inbuilt advanced dictionary, your app should predict the next word, which users are about to type. Tracking the typing habits on an advanced level through user behavior, will help your app display the word or phrase, much before users are about to complete. Providing an excellent switching option between type and swipe, allows users to slide fingers from one letter to another, without lifting the hands, comfortably.
  • Opening links on a smartphone is never a pleasant experience. This is because the mobile real estate is too small to accommodate human fingers or thumbs, in every single corner of the screen. In addition, even if you are successful in doing so, new tab opens up with old tab closing and going out of sight. Moreover, new tab opens a hell lot of time to load, with users sitting idle simply watching at the screen. Better, your app provides some sort of floating or moving bubbles like interface with important links. Whenever users click on them, they not only open new tabs, but also keep old tabs intact.
  • Your app should deliver customized notifications, preferably in an interactive form, differentiating between actions. Notify users when your website is about to go down, in case of server problems taking place, or any other internet vulnerabilities about to attack your app or website. Also, notify about the updates or upgrades in advance, and ensure users not interrupted when in progress.
  • The app should automatically be able to connect your phone with nearby Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices with ease, especially when present in a specific location, which is changing abruptly. Let your app automatically check the volume settings, based on what time of day it is, or where the phone is present right now.
  • Allow for a highly customized digital bulletin board through your app allow setting up anything, whether notes, tasks, lists, or more. With list creation as dynamic containers, there could be cards like elements storing pictures, ideas, notes, tasks, etc. Users should be able to drag and drop, move elements between lists, share the same with other users, create new cards, have their comments added, and even delegate tasks.
  • Take conventional messaging one notch higher through your app. Your app acting as an advanced instant messaging tool could have unlimited possibilities and benefits working as a great coordination tool between people present in the same business. Your app should have real time messaging synchronize easily between devices. It should include various useful functionalities like group creation, group messaging, direct messaging, file sharing, and more, just the way you see in world’s best mobile messaging app WhatsApp. To add a cherry on the cake, your app should allow for subgroups creation, building discussions based conversations and adding people to the same, archiving old messages, integration with cloud storage, and sharing files between devices with ease.

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Henry Atwell is From New Jersey, USA, and has a deep rooted passion for technology. He is an Android app developer since more than three years and associated with Fusion Informatics – A Custom Android Application Development Company. He is an avid writer and often contributes to various blogs and websites.

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