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Does Your Email Marketing Campaign SPEAK LOUD?

Email Marketing Campaign is one of the most effective tactics to drive business; however your job is not over once you’€™ve run the compaign. To make the most of your email campaign it very important to ensure it speaks loud; in other words, you have to ensure that it brings good traffic. Does yours?

Pulpit rock

Online email marketing allows marketing experts to reach hundreds of clients, customers, companies and potential customers with new ideas, special offers, updated price tags and other timely information; but disappointingly marketers can unknowingly end up turning their email marketing campaigns into spam€ while trying to exploit it. Thus, marketing via email is a powerful yet a tricky matter. For those very reasons, it is way too easy for an email marketing campaign to end up among a torrent of undesired messages in blocked mailboxes of the very people you might like to do business with. In this scenario, your email is called nothing but spam!


Spam€™ refers to unwanted bulk email messages, in other words, similar messages sent extensively to a large number of recipients for promotional purpose. Oftentimes recipients fail to distinguish legitimate email marketing campaigns from spam. However, two major elements of a legitimate email marketing campaign are a) permission-based messages and b) messages are typically sent to a smaller, targeted group of recipients.

Since spamming will create a negative impression of your company and the product/service you provide, it doesn’t help you increase sales. Below are some basic yet effective tips to leverage your email campaign and make it loud.

Get The Recipient’s Approval

People normally get irritated if they get unnecessary promotional emails in their Inbox. As a result you should first ask for authorization before anything else. Secondly, you also need to ensure that you don’t break the law, as delivering unsolicited e-mails is illegal in many countries.

Convince First, Then Offer

If a recipient is not convinced he will likely move your email to his junk folder. Since emails are a personal thing, your email should be more than a sales pitch. Providing necessary and useful information can definitely turn potential clients into actual clients hence the importance of  giving strong reasons why your email should be read and not discarded.

Make A Perfect Blend Of Text & HTML

Emails that contain only text (i.e. no colors, visuals or formatting) appear quite uninteresting. When it comes to email marketing campaigns, embedded HTML will boost your efforts. Overall, HTML shouldn’t be a concern at all so long as your email company follows some basic guidelines, such as balancing images and text, avoiding redirecting links, and validating your addresses.

Below is an email metrics performance funnel you should evaluate for every email campaign.

email flow

With the effective utilization of this funnel, you can identify the following scoops of opportunity.

  • Opens (open rate): This will tell you how good your subject line was – an indication of whether it got people’s attention?
  • Clicks: How good was your offer and the content?
  • Transactions: Did you land them on the right page? Was the offer/content adequately related to the information on your site?

Regularly comparing how your emails perform in funnel visualization like above allows you to make strong optimization decisions for your emails. Other parameters you need to consider include Inbox Placement (Engagement), Unsubscribes and Complaints (Reputation).


Deliverability sets the context, but when it comes to measurement it is misleading because of the following reasons.

  1. Information can still unreliable (Return Path).
  2. Deliverability measures the number of messages sent subtracting the number that returned a hard-bounce message. This can generate a false impression.

So save yourself from all the crazy creatures on this planet and add some value to your marketing efforts. With the appropriate approach and targeting the right audience, your email marketing campaign can definitely bring in some good results.

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I work with Softweb Solutions Inc, an Enterprise Mobility Solutions company based in Chicago(US). Please share your ideas using our Twitter handle @softwebchicago



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