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A Sneak Peek into Email Segmentation for Efficient Email Marketing Endeavors

Sales and marketing people know that emails work. Of course, many emails remain in the inbox for not having any meat or being irrelevant. But the well-segmented emails that classify recipients into different groups in terms of their demographics, behaviors, and others get the proper attention.

You can also refer to email segmentation, a critical part of any successful email marketing campaign, as list segmentation. It helps you build smaller target groups (based on shopping habits, location, age, etc.) so that you can share pertinent information with them. The marketing gurus inform that segmented emails help drive up to 33% high conversions. Hence, it makes sense to make the most use of it.

Segmentation Tactics for Email Marketing

You can create different groups relevant to your offerings and send them targeted emails for higher open rates and responses. Since there are different buyer personas, every email can aim for another goal. You can identify a few customers to encourage them to be repeat buyers or activate inactive buyers. You can create a separate B2B and B2C list to approach them with better-formulated information that interests them. You can use CRM and marketing platforms like sales marketing funnel, where all these things can be easy to implement. Let’s explore different ways to segment emails.

New Subscribers

You can start a drip email campaign to onboard people who subscribed to your platform in 30 days. You can keep them engaged through tutorials and specific features. The good thing is you can be creative in this process. If some of them are more interested in tutorials, you can create a smaller group and keep sharing knowledge. And if you find a few others checking your upgrade page more, you can inform them about offers.

B2B vs. B2C

A bulk B2B buyer may not have anything to do with your 5% sale hosted on InstaLive because it’s for the B2C segment. The other can be more eager about webinars and tutorials.

High Open-rate ones

If some customers read most of your emails, they regularly shop from you or like your content. You can create a group of recipients who read nearly 50% of your emails. Since they can be regular buyers, you may want to engage them for a long time. They should know about promotions, press updates, and other things. You can also send them emails for surveys. Do you want to go to the granular levels to make your campaigns more effective? So here is the thing.

Create different groups based on their actions – look for those who read all promotional emails and those who show interest in only new products. You can continue to draw attention to your business by giving them what they want. Eventually, some of them may act. Remember, you will need data to build segments and send relevant content. It’s an intensive process.

Automation services can take much of your mental load while providing enough freedom and flexibility. So, it’s better to take advantage of the technologies that are promising and helpful. You need faster results in this competitive world today. And some tools can ensure this.


Alexander is a software engineer who now writes for tech magazines and blogs. Alexander specializes in data removal and retrieval techniques and has held various seminars detailing the methods of going about removing data or retracting data. Contact Hal for information regarding along with other information regarding hard drives.

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