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Why Email & SMS Marketing are a Powerful Combination

Email Marketing is one of the most tried and tested weapons in the marketer’s arsenal to quickly reach large numbers of people. It’s reliable and offers the ability to put together campaigns that will engage and resonate with the target audience, and most importantly, help generate leads and revenue for your business.

Of course, the power of email marketing also means that it is one of the most competitive marketing channels out there for getting your message in front of your audience.

However, as mobile phones have become increasingly ubiquitous, bulk SMS marketing is also enjoying something of a second youth and many marketers and brands are waking up to its power.

Taking the time to develop a well-thought-out communication strategy can pay dividends in the long-term and part of this should include deciding on the channels to use, including both email and SMS marketing.

A Multichannel messaging platform allows you to communicate with your audience on single or multiple channels as part of a campaign.

If you are not exactly sure how the channels can be utilized to complement each other and increase your communication with your audience, then keep reading to find out more.

SMS Are Concise

Due to the limited number of characters available, SMS must be concise while fully getting your key message across. Ensure that your messages are creative and relevant and think about how they will help you achieve the aim of your campaign.

Consider incorporating a special promotion or time-based offer in your early campaigns to increase urgency and your performance metrics. Email offers you the chance to share more detailed, informative, and captivating content and imagery.

Consider combining the two channels to bring out the best in both. For example, why not send out a more detailed overview of your offer via email, ideally with content that is personalized to the user, while also sending out an SMS informing your recipients that there is an important email waiting for them in their inbox. This helps to increase the urgency surrounding your campaign and enhance your overall performance metrics.

More and more consumers have expectations of immediacy and no other channel achieves it like SMS. There are billions of active mobile users around the world, meaning that brands can connect with anyone within a matter of seconds. With a higher response rate than email, web SMS is a valuable tool that can enhance your customer communication strategy as you can be almost sure your message will be delivered and read at the right time.

This means that SMS is the perfect channel for when you need to get a time-sensitive promotion in front of your audience, or even if you have an urgent service announcement to make to your database. This can be complemented with an email marketing campaign to include a more detailed insight into the offer or your service announcement.

Let SMS take care of the immediate attention while using email to provide detailed information.

Higher Delivery Rates

SMS has stringent regulations with regards to opting-in to receive communication from brands, meaning that the quality of SMS traffic is going to be very high and therefore it eradicates the need for the same level of spam control as we see with email.

This means that you can be sure that your SMS will be delivered and read by the recipient. Unfortunately, even legitimate emails can end up in a spam folder, meaning that important messages may not be seen by the recipient.

Again, this highlights the need for a multichannel messaging approach to ensure that your important messages are getting delivered and read by your audience. This is perfect for urgent service announcements where you need to be certain that your database will receive this essential information.

Email & SMS Offer a Winning Combination

Marketing strategies are more effective when SMS Marketing is used alongside Email Marketing to complement and enhance the other.

Take the time to get creative around your messaging campaigns and analyze and use them to your advantage. You will find that your messaging metrics begin to improve and that your campaigns lead to better performance and greater return on investment for your business.

Written By

Thomas Ward is a Marketing Specialist at rdcom. rdcom provides multichannel business messaging solutions on a global scale and is the perfect partner for those looking to reach new customers and increase engagement with their brand.

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