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Why Designing for Open Source Mobile Apps is a Great Career Decision

In the world of multifarious options presently, not many mobile app designers like the idea of programming for open source despite the many benefits and advantages that it can offer. Many reasons exist behind this decision of many mobile app designing professionals.


As career professionals, many designers do not like the idea of not being paid for their work. They feel that since they utilize their hard-earned skills, they ought to receive remuneration for their work, since their mobile app skills provide them their bread and butter. However, their notion of open source mobile app designing being free work is not always correct.

How Open Source can be a great career opportunity

  • Many companies today require open source mobile apps, so they pay project designers for their work. Additionally, many companies, which work on proprietary source projects, also encourage open source projects and offer paid projects in this area. Moreover, new mobile app designers often do not have enough work experience that can be highlighted in their portfolio. This can lead to a situation wherein they cannot obtain better career options. Working for open source projects gives apps designers a chance to display open source projects as part of their portfolio and seek better career options.
  • However, not all designers may need to display open source projects as part of their career efforts. As it is, working for open source is always a good way of giving back to the community. Even if your work does not get used, or even if you do not receive a market rate for your work, the excitement of working for large project or those involved with the bigger names in the industry will give your career aspirations a big boost. Here, you get an opportunity to share and an equal or greater opportunity to learn more in return.
  • Sometimes, open source projects might involve some redesign as well. Hence, if you find a project that is interesting and has a lot of potential, then you can approach the project designers with a redesign proposal. Rather than being aggressive, offer the team some constructive suggestions. However, try and make a strong case for the mobile app redesign project, and chances are that you might get a change to work on the project a part of the redesign team. If the open source project is part of a community, then make sure you read the communication guidelines before proceeding else chances exist be that your work could be rejected.


Hence, if you want to get involved as a mobile app designer with the open source community, you will surely have to leave some inhibitions behind. Therefore, besides recognizing designing as an integral part of the mobile app development process and creating better opportunities for open source mobile app design can be a good way to start and can work wonders for a long term career in mobile app designing.

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Jennifer Brown is a software developer at Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., an IT company with expertise in mobile application development services, delivering high-end user friendly apps development solutions. She feels glad to share her experience through informative and enlightening articles.

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1 Comment

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