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Why Mobile First Design is the Primary Approach in Mobile App Development

Have you ever wondered how much time you normally spend on your mobile phones? From the morning itself, mobile phones are the first thing that we hold in our hands. For frequent reasons we check our cell phones till the time we doze off in the bed.

Mobile applications are something that takes over the mobile world. As mobile tech and mobile horizons are growing at a larger pace it is really essential for every business to design the website, app or the software in a way that it connects with the people.

Mobile Internet is something that is about to grow with the passing days. According to the Research done by the mobile experts, they have unleashed some statistics that shows how mobile creates a great impact in our day-to-day life. Below are the stats.

  • 45% of the Organic search visits are redirected from Mobile Device.

  • More than 35% of the Product search for E-commerce portals are mobile driven.

The above statistics predicts that more than 89% of the users will use the Internet to access the mobile content by the end of 2017. Mobiles have replaced desktops to a greater extent and so it is advisable to focus on mobile first design that gives the best user experience to the users. But, do you know what do I mean by mobile first design? Let’s understand the mobile first design to implement it on the later stage of development.

What is Mobile First?

Mobile first design refers to the designing website while keeping Mobile view that gives proper look and feels that it was supposed to give in desktop screens. More & more businesses are referring mobile first designs as it has great benefits over simplified designs. It is quite necessary to know about Responsive Web Design and its key benefits that it leverages to small & medium scale businesses.

Responsive web design & Mobile approach is quite similar as both are used to optimize the website designs for the multiple mobile device screens. The mobile first approach is coding done for mobility in spite of just optimizing a designed ready website for different screens and platforms. Progressive elements are used to develop a mobile-first design to the users when they visit our site.

Mobile First = Content First

If your website works well on a mobile device, then it will perform well on rest of the devices. It is also a content-first approach as mobile screens face the limitation of screen size that restrains the size by 4 to 6 inches and so designing an app with limited size prioritize content on the first position.

The mobile-first approach should highly focus on User Interface as well User Experience amongst all devices and so placing the components using proper typography is quite essential. Content strategy is also an important factor in developing mobile design as this approach leads to the design that is more content focused. Another advantage we can consider is that smaller size can best-fit nicer components and content resulting in better UX and conversion rates.

Why Mobile First?

People with Rs 10,000+ smartphones in their pockets you know indicates that you need to think beyond desktops and old aged computers. As mobile web access has gained popularity since last few years large no of people have turned to mobile search concept that enhances mobile experience and that includes some big named companies like Amazon, Ebay etc. As announced by Google in 2010, mobile approach & mobile responsive websites would be ranked higher in Search engine since then, developers emphasize more on designing mobile first apps and websites.

Mobile Friendly (Mobile Responsive) Websites Rank Higher

Major search engines like that of Google, Yahoo, and Bing roll-out updates at regular intervals that do impact search engine rankings of a website in the mobile search outcomes. It affects all types of languages as well pages which mean that mobile friendly areas will be given priority in search engine results and the rest will be penalized by Google. Google also states that the pages that are not in the optimized state do have chances to rank high if the page consists of well-quality content in it. However still, the message from google is clear that if the website is not mobile friendly their rankings will eventually drop.


The mobile first approach is one of the most dominating factors to succeed in future. Hope you find the Blogpost posted by the expert Analyst of top app development company useful and informative. If you find some more relevant information do share it with us.

Written By

Urvish Macwan - A Team Leader honing Marketing strategy Cum Content crafter at Hyperlink Infosystem - App Development Company. Blend for the passion of writing and Marketing that makes him noise loud in digital marketing spectrum. He has the big appetite to read and write that helps to motivate many startup Indian App developers to reach out their apps to a maximum number of people. In spare time you cannot find him as travelling is something without which he cannot live. Food Lover, club Rocker and lie Hater.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sanket Doshi

    May 29, 2018 at 11:16 am

    I think what ultimately the power behind Mobile First is to keep you thinking clean and efficient. I am not a designer but am a product owner for a team rebuilding a site. As an end user of a number of mobile sites I want simple, efficient (regardless of mobile or desktop) Most sites have too much content, or menus, or just a mess on the screen. Mobile first forces you to think in terms of efficiency and a minimalist approach. I think any site mobile or desktop should start that way and allow the user to open up additional information when and if they need it.

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