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20 Undisputed Strategies to have SEO Friendly Mobile Website or App Design

The mobile usage is increasing at a steady pace, and so is the need for a mobile website. To have just a “nice to have” website, is simply not enough nowadays. With people completely being depended on their smartphones for every single activity, it is not surprising to see businesses trying out very hard to establish their online presence, by offering a mobile website or an app that simplifies the lives of people in the most aesthetic way possible.

Ensuring a memorable user experience through a lucid user interface is the key to drive maximum visitors, enhancing the overall mobile SEO in long run. The tasks could highly vary, from being basic to the ones with advanced capabilities. However, your mobile app or website should be proficient enough to help users reach their goal in shortest time possible, with ease.

We have come up with top tips for a mobile website or a mobile app design, which will help you not just grab new users, but also keep the existing users glued to what you have to offer. It is not about how good your app or website appears on smartphone, but how well it solves the purpose of the users.

Sail through smoothly by delivering a wonderful UI/UX platform

We analyzed hundreds of best mobile websites as well as apps to know what it takes to have an ideal design for use on palms. This is what we have found:

• Calls to Actions need to lead from the front, and should be located right at the center for a clear view. When they appear at the first, situated in middle, users get convinced that they will be reaching their desired place within no time.

• Short Menus work best, with less transition to make between tabs. With too many menus in place, accompanied by a bunch of sub menus, it only gets confusing and complex just like a web, leaving users unable to figure out where to go.

• Homepage Option is necessary on every single page or screen. What would you do if you have landed on a screen or page, not useful to you? Without a Homepage button, label, or link, it is just not possible for users to move back to start.

• Informative Content works wonders rather than having promotional content all over the place. Remember your vision. You are not here to promote your business. Instead, you want to offer solutions. Address their problems, and not your offerings.

• Search Box within a website or an app is vital to have users search things with ease, and jump directly to where they want to go. With large websites or complex apps, it becomes even more crucial to have embedded search functionality.

• Relevant Search is critical for the successful execution of Search feature. It would be clearly inappropriate to have irrelevant search results displayed, when users search for something else.

• Search Filters will only speed up the process of users, of finding out relevant information. With content or data sorted, as per price, alphabet, popularity, ratings, and lots more, visitors know exactly what to see and how to go about.

• Search Suggestions help users with a range of choices to choose. Many users find it difficult to search for their relevant products, and be stuck with too many of irrelevant offerings. Search suggestions help them get on right track.

• Interactive Exploration is where you can differentiate from others. Before users commit to your site or app, they need to be convinced. For that, they need to go through a nice interactive process with site content.

• Guest Login enables every single user to check out what your website or app has to offer. If every user has to sign up for a account in order to register, than you might lose out on a lot of them, as they do not have spare time to do so.

• Personal Details be grabbed for providing excellent customer service to your users. Imagine, how important your users will feel, when they get informed about the discounts, offers, suggested products, etc. regularly.

• Data Entry streamlined for a systematic order, and apt alignment. Make it easier for users to enter information in the simplest way possible, with inline labels saving on a lot of space.

• Visual Calendar helps a lot when selecting right dates effectively and efficiently. Sometimes it is a cumbersome process to scan through dates, in order to set the right date. The visual calendar makes it easier quickly select dates.

• Form Validation helps minimize errors with right kind of labels, and validation controls. Getting right error to show up, when something goes wrong, helps users to identify where they are going wrong, and how to correct it.

• Seamless Forms enough in taking the information rapidly, and processing it even faster. Do not let users wait too long enough for getting results. Let them enter inputs accurately, and give satisfying outputs as per their expectations.

• Pinch-to-Zoom might irritate users, as they will find themselves in a zoomed stage every now and then. Better, allow users to use their fingers when doing zoom in and zoom out. This will helps users to zoom only when they want to.

• Product Images that are expandable in nature will let users to have a more transparent view of what they want to see. If users can have a detailed view of things, then they will be more inclined to use the website and app.

• Screen Orientation is necessary, and varies with different screens, or pages. Suggesting users with the orientation every time when they land upon a screen or page will keep users informed of how to go about viewing a website or app.

• Labels present all across the site or app, have the tendency to resist users, as they will feel pampered even for the smallest things, in spite of they know how to use the app. Moreover, labels do occupy a lot of space, cluttering up app content.

• User Details be taken, only after giving an apt explanation, behind taking the information. Users have full right to know where their details are used. If explained properly why the details are required, then they will start not just to trust you, but also will feel highly secured with your app, letting them to jump onboard.

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Daniel Carter works for Fusion Informatics – a Mobile Application Development Services Provider Company in Manchester, UK. He has deep rooted passion for Internet Marketing and loves reading technology news.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. zoriion

    July 20, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Nice information for newbie in this filed, Any web designer or web developer need to know each and every important strategy and tips.

    This important information for business owner for improve ROI also.

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