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Is Traditional Phone System Helping Business Growth?

To start with, the simplest answer to this question is – NO. There are still a pretty big number of smaller businesses that still rely on the traditional telephone system.

The fact is that these telephone systems to not meet the modern needs of these companies and these traditional telephone systems do not help of the growth of these companies in any way.

Let us look into some of the reasons, why these conventional and old fashioned telephone systems are not helping the business growth of these companies in any way.

Lack of Flexibility and Mobility

Regardless of extent of passion that a small business might be riding on, it is virtually impossible for it to be active 24×7. However, thanks to the modern business environment and nature, some businesses need to be active 24×7. In these situations, they need to assign auto receptionists, department extensions, or, various means of direct employee or department routing systems to ensure that any customer can get in touch with someone or other, regardless of the time of the day.

It is this flexibility that is provided by the cloud based business phone system. Once this technology is adopted, smaller businesses do not have to worry about missing any important call or missing any telephonic appointment with the client. Once the technology is installed, the system takes control over the entire telecommunication setup of the company and the interface is extremely user-friendly.

Thus, this is not possible if the business stick back to the conventional way of communication, by using the traditional telephonic and telecommunication system.

Cloud-based telecommunication system, on the other hand provides the owners the much needed flexibility, for running the personal as well as the commercial errands.

Installation Times

Installation of PBX or the Private Branch Exchange takes a lot of times and demands a lot of hardware and specialist knowledge about the technical know how of networking. Transferring the entire telecommunication network from PBX to cloud based technology is comparatively easier and less time consuming, and needs lesser pain for the end users. Besides, as and when the businesses and thereby the requirements grow, separate lines and additional IP phones can be installed at ease, without much of a technological change. Additional number of users, groups, and business phone connections can be used whenever used.

Meeting Multiple Purposes

While the conventional telephone systems can handle only single phone one at a time, in order to meet the modern business requirements, the businesses of today need to handle multiple lines of telecommunication simultaneously and in order to meet this, what they need is the alternative methods of telecommunication. Only the modern VoIP based telecommunication system can meet this demand in the best possible way.

Lack of Control Over the Direction of the Calls

In case of a traditional PBX system, if and when any particular call lands in an office and there is no one present to receive it, the call will go unanswered and will ultimately drop out. Here is where a cloud based communication system will make the difference. This new technology gives the businesses, the advantage or re-directing the calls to the right department, or someone who is in a position to receive the all. This means there is not chance that the customer will be left disappointed or irate.

As a result of these advantages, the VoIP based telecommunication system scores over its conventional and traditional counterpart, when it comes to helping the business growth. Frankly speaking, there is hardly any way in which these old fashioned communication systems can help in business growth in modern business scenario.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.

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