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Best 8 Security Tips for iPhone Owners in 2022

Looking for some security tips for iPhone? Don’t worry, this blog caters to your needs! Apple has already provided a good security level to all its devices. So they are difficult to hack, but still hackers try to capture information from iPhones too. So to beat the hackers, you need some amazing hidden iPhone tricks and tips to secure your iPhone in 2022 which we will discuss here.

So, Let’s dive in to read those security tips!

Best Security Tips for iPhone Owners in 2022

Enable Find My iPhone

One of the major security features is “Find My iPhone” which enables you to track your lost device and save the data too. It is Apple’s built-in tracking software based on GPS to locate the phone. Not only this feature tracks your phone but also has default security features like Activation Lock. Nobody can use your iPhone when the activation lock is in working. To get its access, one should have the phone’s Apple ID and Password. If your device gets stolen then the “Find My iPhone” feature covers the following:

  • No reactivation of the iPhone
  • No usage of the device
  • Unable to toggle off the “Find My iPhone” feature
  • No erasing of data

You can easily enable this feature by opening the Settings>User Name> iCloud. Just scroll down and click Find My iPhone. Just slide to turn it on and send the last location. It may ask for your Apple credentials, So enter the details and you are ready to secure your device.

Enable Location Tracking Only Once for Apps

It’s always good to balance privacy with third-party apps. With lots of apps and services on the phone, it’s hard to maintain this. So, there is an option of enabling or disabling the phone’s location. Fortunately, iPhone has a feature to force the applications to ask for permission for location tracking every time you open an app.

Whenever you have given access to the application for the location tracking feature, a pop-up will appear in front of you with three options stating:

  • Allow while using the app
  • Only Once
  • Don’t Allow

Choose only once from the above options and you are ready to secure your device. It’s very crucial to use this option to maintain the security of your phone as you are giving permissions to the other apps that can also be breached at the hand of the hackers and you will lose your data. You may also be a victim of any fraud or account loss etc. So, try to enable tracking of location only once for all apps.

Set Two-Factor Authentication

If you want to give extra protection to your apple account then you should opt for two-factor authentication or 2-step verification. It enables you to access the account over selected devices. It is an additional step in providing security to your account. That’s why if someone has fetched your passwords even then your account can’t be accessed. In my opinion, it is a must-to-do step for the security of the device.

How the two-factor authentication enables you to add an extra security layer:

  • You can set a password, pin code, or pattern.
  • You can add details of ATM, credit card or USB token, etc.
  • You can use your biometric authentications like fingerprint or face ID etc.

By enabling two-factor authentication from the settings section and then the password & security portion, every time you log in you have to enter any of the above-mentioned details. This extra layer of security helps you to achieve extra security for your iPhones.

Use Alphanumeric Passcodes

One of the easiest ways to add security to your device is using extraordinary passwords. The matching of alphabets and numbers makes the password super strong. By default, the device provides an option to set 4-digit passwords. But you can always set it as per your requirement. Just you have to go to settings then to Touch ID & Passcodes and then select a Custom Numeric Code option.

One of the advanced ways of setting the most secured passwords is Face IDs. It lets you authenticate using your face biometric, hence making it a good protecting option as nobody can access the device without you. There is one more option to use Touch Ids for strong protection in place of Face Ids. Touch Ids are simple to use and you don’t need to remember anything.

Just combine these strong security practices with default finger or face recognition techniques to give your device damn good protection practices and impossible to crack the device the intruders.

Remove Siri Suggestions on Locked Phone

Any pro-iPhone user can easily sneak into your Apple phone via the notification center or control center. Anybody can swipe up the control center and have access to the camera, flash, airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc. even if the phone is locked and easy access to messages or updates can be gotten via the notification center.

In the same way, hackers can get access to the phone by giving commands to Siri also. So if you have enabled Siri on the locked phone then your phone’s security can easily be breached. The working of Siri on the locked phone is a new feature added to give alerts about everyday things that you do. For example, if you use an app daily for health updates then the personal assistant will give you suggestions about this app daily at the same expected time.

It is undoubtedly very impressive but at the same time, your security is at risk if you enable Siri suggestions on the locked device. So, keep in mind to remove or disable Siri’s suggestions when the phone is locked.

Restore the iPhone

Don’t panic if your iPhone is infected with the virus. If you find or suspect that your iPhone is on verge of infection or is infected then the best you can do is to save your data by restoring your device.

Restoring the phone is one of the good ways to save your personal information, applications, any notes, etc. It is a process that re-fixes your device back to its default settings and again installs the operating system. The restoring of the device can be done by the following steps:

  • By connecting the computer to the USB wire of the phone
  • Launching or clicking iTunes
  • Click the restore button

There are various reasons connected to the restoration of the phone. Some of which are:

  • Repairing of phone
  • Improving Performance
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Restore to compete for viruses etc.

Consider this tip when your iPhone gets infected and you have to save it as soon as possible.

Use VPN for Web Browsing

VPN or virtual private network is a secured way to connect to the internet no matter from where you operate it. It acts as a mask to your location with a virtual location. So, it provides an extra defense layer to the security of your device. You can securely browse the internet and also make fool of spammers from tracking you.

But how VPN do this?

A virtual private network (VPN) hides your IP address and encrypts the data so that no one can figure you out. This saves you from an outsider’s attack. You can easily connect to all the public wireless networks securely by using VPN.

VPN lets you do the given:

  • Easily avoid data theft
  • Access restricted content easily
  • Instantly block Ads and pop-ups that you don’t like
  • Hide your identity from the trackers

When you have so much to do with the security of the iPhone by using virtual private networks then surely go for it to protect your device.

Keep an Eye on Privacy Settings

With the advanced iPhone versions, you have more control over privacy settings and restrictions. You can choose what to do with different apps whether they are in use or not as per your need. This ends up freeing the space, better performance, and improved battery life. Also, you can secure your phone from unwanted threats from various applications if you always keep an eye on the privacy settings of the apps.

The privacy policies of the apps keep changing from time to time. If you want to periodically change the privacy concerns then check it carefully. Just you have to go to Settings>Privacy. Here check all the privacy settings list for all the apps and revert any permission that you think is not needed now. So, keeping track of all the apps takes care of the privacy of your iPhone as different apps can have updated privacy rules every time.

Final Thoughts: Secure Your iPhone

So, that’s enough for all the needed information for the security of your iPhone. Take advantage of these security tips to protect your device and keep it secure. You just have to apply these hidden iPhone tricks and tips and you are ready to go for a secured device.

I hope you find this information helpful and if you have any other tips in mind then feel free to share them with us.

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