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Perfect Selfie Camera Apps For Your Android Device

We all love to take selfies or photos with mobile cameras. However, many times when taking pictures in the general camera app, the pictures do not look so good. This is why some third-party camera applications can enhance your image quality by taking pictures using different filters and modes. Today we will tell you about some good selfie camera apps that you can use for your mobile camera with the experience of taking pictures. So let’s find out where to download those applications and where to download them.

Paper Camera

This is a good selfie camera. In this camera application, you will find many extraordinary paper filters that you can use to create some great photos. The main feature of this camera application is the sketch filter. In Sketch Filters you will find extraordinary pencil sketches or brush filters that will give you some great pictures. You can also share photos taken directly from social media with this camera app. Not only do you take pictures, but you can also record some videos using different cartoon filters.


Probably the most popular app in the Camera app is B612. You get lots of filters and various frame sticker overlays with light effects in the app. With this app, you will be able to take amazing selfies and pictures. You can also do various types of video GIF boomerang videos and, more easily with this application. You will find this app in the Google Play Store and it is completely free.


It is one of the most popular camera applications. With this good selfie camera application, you can overlap one image over another. Also in this camera app, you can draw anything above the picture. As with all other cameras, you’ll get some filters. You will also be able to shape your body size, eyes, legs, and so on in this camera application so that your image will look more beautiful.

Camera FV-5 Lite

In this good selfie camera application, you will get all the settings of a digital single-lens reflex camera. As a result, the quality of the pictures you take will be similar to those taken with the DSLR camera. Besides, all the other camera features are there. You will also find this application in the Google Play Store.


This is a single camera app and social media app. In this, you will get various filters and edit options. This is the most downloaded camera app. By editing this app you can upload your pictures directly to Facebook and Instagram.

Yum Perfect

Youcam Perfect is an easy-to-use photo editing app on Android. It allows you to edit photos instantly in seconds. YouCam Perfect is also called Best Selfie Editor. The built-in camera feature in the app can be used to take selfies as well as video selfies. This is a very popular photo editing app.

Youcam Perfect has 100 million-plus downloads on the Google Play Store. This app has multiple face detection features for group selfies. There are cutouts and removal tools to remove unwanted objects from photos. Instant ‘Beautiful’ is supported.

Toolwiz Photos

To edit photos on mobile, all within one photo editing app is called Toolwiz good selfie camera app. Toolwiz will be available in Photos with 21+ photo editing tools that can easily make a photo feel like a snap. Toolwiz Photos is also relatively easy to use because of its simple user interface. The editor allows you to adjust different types of filters, adjust ‘Saturation’ and easily create a photo collage. Apart from this, the app has excellent skin polishing tools. There are great filters to make the image interesting.

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