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3 VIP Memberships Every iPhone User Should Consider

We all love a good VIP experience, and it doesn’t get much better than mobile-based memberships. These sorts of clubs are great as you can access them from your iPhone at any time, use your benefits whenever you please and earn more rewards while on the go. Plus, you’re part of a special group – a member of something luxurious and exceptional. So, what are some VIP memberships that every iPhone user should consider joining up for?

Starbucks Rewards VIP

If you’re a coffee fanatic, then chances are you already have a Starbucks loyalty card. You may even have the Starbucks app installed on your phone – but did you know there’s a far more exclusive membership you could be part of? Starbucks Rewards is a great part of any Starbucks customers routine as you can just run your iPhone over the scanner to collect points. However, things get even better when you’re part of the VIP program which has a small total of two tiers. The first is Green, which enables you to receive free refills and get exclusive offers. Gold is far more exciting though, with offers including monthly double-star days, a personalized physical card and a reward every 125 stars.

Gamingclub VIP

Over the last couple of years, online casinos have been creating more mobile sites and apps to keep up with the explosive mobile casino gaming industry. Many of these are incredibly impressive, with some IOS-compatible mobile casinos being just as great on an iPhone as they are online. This is the case with Gamingclub, one of the first online casinos that ever appeared on the web. It’s now available on mobile devices and, in addition to over 450 games and prizes, the mobile site offers a VIP program with exclusive casino game bonuses, promotions, and special treatment.


While Starbucks may be available worldwide and Gamingclub online casino is currently available in North America, the UK and Ireland are getting their own exclusive VIP package. At least, for now. What we’re talking about is Sky VIP, a system that rewards Sky customers by offering free shows, channels and even tickets to events. Really, it’s like a loyalty card that can be accessed through the My Sky app. Sure, it’s only available in the UK and Ireland, but if it’s successful, we’re sure other cable providers will soon be offering similar memberships.

We love a good VIP membership, especially when it’s rewarding loyal customers. In fact, we imagine if you combo-moved all three of these VIP memberships you’d have a pretty spectacular day ahead of you.

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