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An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service support help the representatives and managers in the customer service team to monitor their workload to get a unified view of service issues

Any business or organization is successful by virtue of its customers. If you are not able to satisfy your customers, it is most likely that you will fail to reach your financial goals. It is also important to understand that customer satisfaction cannot be achieved merely through quality products and consistent services. There are many situations, that customers approach the organizations with, and they must be attended to and resolves as soon as possible. Thus, there is a separate team and several resources that go into customer service. Here we will discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you deliver better customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service support help the representatives and managers in the customer service team to monitor their workload to get a unified view of service issues. This helps them provide quick solutions to the customers. It comes with the following features:

  1. Dashboards: Dashboards are the source of the most important and relevant information. You can find all the data you need on a customer, in one place. Dynamics 365 Customer Service support also provides its users with role-based, built-in dashboards that can be utilized. Users can also use the activity feature to track emails, messages, activities, phone calls and other customer interactions.
  2. Timelines: This feature of Dynamics 365 Customer Service support helps the user view customer interactions in chronological order. One can apply text and visual filters to spot and work with pertinent data and perform inline actions on notes and posts. It also has a “what’s new” section, where you can catch up on missed items from the previous day
  3. Case form and Social Profiles: the features named Accounts and Contacts can be used to store relevant information about the customers. One can also leverage the Case form to create cases seamlessly and keep track of customer requests and issues. Users can also define the level of support that is offered to the customers by their company by using SLAs, as known as, Service Level Agreements. It also lets the professionals track the social media presence of customers by using social profiles.
  4. Knowledge Articles: this feature allows you to create and include informative and useful articles, which the customer service reps can use as references to resolve customer issues faster. You can also use editing features, such as the rich-text editor, to enhance the content and make it more engaging. Users are also provisioned to preview the content to cross-check its compatibility on multiple devices. They can also share the articles with the customers on a customer service portal to assist them with self-service.

With all these features, you can accomplish the following functions:

  1. Easily and quickly track customer issues through cases.
  2. Keep a record and track all the interactions with a customer.
  3. Share relevant and important information in the knowledge base.
  4. Create queues and connect cases to the right channels.
  5. Create and keep a track of service levels through SLAs or Service Level Agreements.
  6. Define service terms with the help of entitlements.
  7. Manage the performance of your team and its productivity through dashboards.
  8. Create and schedule services easily as per convenience.
  9. Take part in chats.
  10. Manage conversations and stay connected through channels.

Now that we are done with the features and their benefits, let us discuss the pricing of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Support.

Customer Service support comes in various licensing options. These options and their prices are as follows:

  1. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional: it comes with core customer service capabilities and costs 3,305 INR per user, per month.
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise: it comes with advanced customer service capabilities and costs 6,280 INR per user, per month.
  3. Digital Messaging Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service: it provides the users with rich Omni-channel engagement across digital messaging channels and costs around 4,955 INR per user, per month.
  4. Chat Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service: it comes with live chat Omni-channel engagement between customers and agents and costs 3,965 INR per user, per month.

The functionalities available to a particular user depends on the license that they buy. In order to understand the best option for you, contact an implementation partner. They will not only provide advance consultancy but will also conduct the implementation and customizations.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and provides an overview of the solution to its readers.

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