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Digital Transformation with Social & Email Campaigns via Dynamics 365

Social Media and Email Marketing are two of the most ravishing online marketing techniques used in this digital era. Through both of these marketing techniques, the marketers aim to target the online audience. Almost every company, be it a small-sized grocery startup or a real estate firm are exploring the digital space to expand their business. This also gives rise to a lot of competition in the market, as most of their competitors are also trying to catch the fancy of the same audience. Plus, companies also need the best of tools to churn better results through digital media platforms, and one of the best tools is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The main reason why companies want to explore the online space is because of the exponentially high volume of people that they can reach online. There’re more than 3.7 billion worldwide email users and around 3.03 billion social media users to target. However, it’s important to target the audience in such a way, that your message is not only conveyed but absorbed.

Curating your Social and email campaigns to perfection:

Social Media and Email Content is the key

No matter where all you’re present, as long as you’re not able to intrigue the audience, your presence doesn’t exist. The best way to capture the interest of your audience is to curate attractive content. For that, first, you’ll have to study your target audience. Once, you are done studying the audience, start to conceptualize content plans aimed to not only attract them but to also convert them into customers. Also, it is important to only choose the solution which allows you to customize the messaging, and Dynamics 365 app for marketing is certainly one of the best to pick.

For successful email marketing campaigns, the key is to make your email subject line very persuasive. Also, the content in the email has to be crisp and alluring. Keep in mind that, Tweets with graphics get 18% more clicks and on FB, almost 100 million hours of video content is watched. So, make sure both your bases are covered; text, and graphics.

Don’t be lazy

Creating a business page on the social media platform is not enough. You’ve to stay in touch with your audience. Keep them engaged through your posts, trivia, quizzes, stories etc.; anything you find is increasing your traction rate. When it comes to email marketing, make sure you’ve planned a regular email cycle.

Also, for fruitful social media marketing, it is important to be present everywhere. Almost, 56% of people use more than one social media site, hence, when it comes to tapping the social media audience, you need to be omnipresent! However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve to quickly set up your company pages everywhere. Try and find out which are the best social media platforms for you, considering your target audience. Like, 146 fashion boards and 100 million food boards exist on Pinterest, because their audience wants to see their offerings. You’ll surely be able to reap the benefits if you mark your presence in the right places!

Build your repo

Don’tjust send offers or coupons through emails, or just post about the running discounts on your social platforms. Instead, build a connection with the audience. Capture their interest and behaviors and create a sound strategy to lure them. Also, make sure your presence is pleasant! As, 71% of people who like a social media service experience by a firm, generally do recommend it to others. This is where the role of both customer support and marketing apps of Dynamics 365 will come into play. The company have to use all the features rightly to ensure that they maintain a good repo with the audience.

Plan and execute your social and email marketing campaigns in such a way that they fetch you the ROI that you expect. In order to that, Microsoft Dynamics 365 surely seems to be the best tool to adopt!

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Johnny Morgan Technical writer with a keen interest in new technology and innovation areas. He focuses on web architecture, web technologies, Java/J2EE, open source, WebRTC, big data and CRM.He is also associated with Aegis Infoways which offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services.

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