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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Helps Salespeople to Drive innovation

Dynamics 365 Sales can help your salespeople to drive outstanding customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Sales can help your salespeople to drive outstanding customer experience.

Are you facing difficulty while managing your continuously increasing customers? Do you think you need to modernize your system to strengthen your salespersons’ capability to engage customers and drive massive relationships with them? We have an answer for you. All you can make it possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Now, let’s move ahead and understand how Dynamics 365 Sales can help your salespeople to drive outstanding customer experience.

So, what are Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that enables salespeople to engage and build a strong relationship with their customers. It helps them with actionable insights to make decisions, convert leads, and close sales faster. Salespersons in your organization can keep track of their customers’ accounts, manage contacts, and can create sales collateral. It also enables them to create marketing lists, sales campaigns, and more.

What Different Solutions Does Dynamics 365 Sales Offer?

Dynamics 365 Sales is designed for different sizes of businesses. So, let’s roll out our eyes on those available plans:

The Sales Hub App

This app is designed on a Unified Interface Framework that leverages responsive concepts to provide an amazing visual experience in terms of screen size, device compatibility, etc. Sales Hub app is configured to run on both mobile and desktop devices. This app is included and comes with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licensing.

The Sales Professional App

The Sales Professional app is built comprising the similarity of the Sales Hub app. The only change is that it consists of entitles which are determined as a subset in the Sales Hub app. This app can be availed of with the Dynamics 365 Sales Professional Licensing.

How to Drive Innovation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Step-By-Step Guidance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is embedded with guided business processes that notify you of what to do next. It helps with guided steps for the Salespeople to close the deals faster. Considering the specific sales practices, businesses can customize these processes to drive effectiveness.

Seamless Customer Management

Dynamics 365 Sales comes with various customer management features whereby users can seamlessly manage their customers. They can stay updated with every activity of their customers and can have a 360-degree view of each interaction with them. Since D365 Sales demonstrates its flexibility with any device whether mobiles, tablets, desktops, or MAC devices; users can engage with their customers at any time using any device.

Remain Productive

Dynamics 365 Sales tool boosts your productivity when integrated with the business apps we are familiar with. It can be integrated with Microsoft 365 apps to increase its working capability. For instance, one can leverage storing and viewing documents like presentations or keynotes while using this Sales tool.

Salespeople can even view their excel data, make changes, and save the applied changes using Dynamics 365 Sales. All such can be done even without switching between apps and this enables Salespeople to focus more on their core work rather than indulging in the software and data management part.

Make Smarter Decisions

When you are handy with the data that enables you to make on-spot decisions, it eases half of your tasks. With D365 Sales, you can get actionable insights that support your decision-making and enable your sales team to make instant and strategic decisions supporting your productivity level.

It also provides suggestions or reminders based on the data inserted about your recent activities and related to future engagement with your customers. Your sales agents can even get reminders for all your decided phone calls, appointments with their clients or customers, etc.

Limitless Sales Data

This Sales tool enables salespeople to access and leverage all the sales data simply using mobile and tab devices. Whether you are walking on the road or a customer visit, it makes Salespeople handy with all the required data they need while communicating with customers. When they have anytime & anywhere data access and utilizing efficiency, they can drive data as per hourly need which in turn improves overall productivity.

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In addition, this D365 Sales tool also helps Sales managers by triggering their sales team performance with the help of real-time sale analytics and predictive data. They can even monitor results without waiting for time-consuming and manually prepared reports.

Based on such actionable data, they mentor their team accordingly to improve the overall sales performance. Sales managers can also make effective use of MS Excel and prebuilt templates and can perform quick analysis, and all can be done without leaving the Dynamics 365 Sales platform.

Wrapping Up!

Thus, this blog unwrapped what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is, how it helps Sales people to manage their day-to-day sales activities and close more deals by facilitating them with real-time data analytics. Now, you have the answer to how to boost your sales team and sales performance with the help of Dynamics 365 Sales.

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