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2021’s Top 40 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

Today’s marketing landscape is a complex world. Even the most seasoned marketers can have difficulty understanding it all. Yet, if you are not aware of digital advertising trends in 2021, now it becomes more important than ever before to stay on top of your game. There’s no way around it; staying as up-to-date with these changes will be crucial for your success in this industry. Digital marketing companies in India must learn digital marketing trends, or they will risk being left behind.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with new strategies, tactics, and technologies. Digital marketing trends in 2021 are likely to be even more influential in growing your business than they are today. Digital marketing experts in 2021 and the average Digital marketing company in India today will have to navigate these new trends to continually come up with strategies that are not only effective but also secure and scalable.

What Digital Marketing Trends Can You Expect To See In 2021?

There’s no set formula for digital marketing success. It’s a constantly evolving landscape that requires knowledge and adaptability. Digital marketing trends will continue to be a part of that picture in 2021 while bringing new opportunities for businesses in the years ahead. As you see these digital marketing trends in 2021 take shape, it’s important to understand how they can fit into your current business or strategy.

Here are 40 trends you need to consider:

1 Amplify Your Brand Ambassadors:

Unlike paid advertising, which can feel out of whack with your company’s identity and values, connecting with social media influencers who live your brand is a more natural fit.

2 Your Social Media Risks Are Growing:

Social media has lowered the barriers to participation by allowing anyone to create a social presence. This means that fake news, fraudulent reviews, scam artists, trolls – all this low-value activity are growing like weeds. All social media platforms are trying to limit this activity and make their sites more relevant for users with higher-value content.

3 Apps Are Still Hot (Especially in Asia):

Asian marketers have embraced apps as mobile becomes the dominant way people search, buy, share, talk – everything.

4 Content Is Eating the World, So Are Chatbots:

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users. They’re already here: Facebook Messenger now has more than 100,000 chatbots developed for its platform.

5 The Future of Advertising Is in Artificial Intelligence:

Marketers are turning to artificial intelligence for real-time ad bidding, forecasting customer lifetime value (CLV), running automated split tests and setting up dynamic pricing. AI is getting better all the time at understanding what we want and how much we’re willing to pay.

6 More Augmented Reality Marketing:

According to Google, one out of every five smartphone users has used an augmented reality app in the last month. As AR’s technology improves and its ease of use increases, we’ll see more marketers begin integrating it into their campaigns.

7 Brand Experience Will Rule All Things Media:

Ad agencies and media companies will begin to see themselves as no longer in the business of selling eyeballs but in the business of selling brand-building experiences with their clients’ customers.

8 Clean Up Your Facebook and Google Ad Words Accounts Now:

Both advertising platforms are cracking down on advertisers who violate policies on intellectual property infringement, trademark violations, illegal operations and other problematic practices.

9 Low-Cost Loyalty Programs Expand:

Low-cost loyalty programs don’t require marketers to give away so much of their product or service, making it easier for customers to sign up. They also expand the number of potential points of interaction with customers. Think of Spotify, which gives away music for free in hopes of signing up a loyal paying customer later.

10 As IoT Becomes Ubiquitous, Security Becomes Critical:

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more ubiquitous – think connected cars, appliances, home security systems – it’s becoming a prime target for hackers.

11 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Will Be Sold in the Dark Web:

Gone are the days when hackers could easily and profitably steal credit card numbers and other personal information from companies online. Now, more and more hackers are selling zero-day vulnerabilities (a weakness that can be exploited without prior knowledge of its existence) in software and hardware for premium prices.

12 Marketing Verticals Will Become Separate Industries:

It’s getting harder for businesses to specialize, and that’s especially true in the marketing world. We’ve already seen it happen with SEO; now, social media is splitting off as its own specialized industry. (For example, think of all the companies that specialize in influencer marketing.) As these verticals become more self-sufficient, it’ll be easier for small businesses to outsource their marketing.

13 Marketers Will Embrace the “Era of Customer Experience”:

The next generation of job-seekers will be even tougher to please than millennials, which means companies need to deliver a better customer experience if they want to get their business.

14 The Growth of Digital Marketing Will Outpace That of Traditional Marketing:

By 2021, digital marketing agencies will continue to pick up steam and grow faster than traditional advertising. Between now and then, we’ll see agencies with a more specialized focus (like content marketing, social media, and paid advertising) continue to take over the scene.

15 Digital Marketing Agencies Will Continue to Grow in Popularity:

Digital trends have made it easier than ever for small businesses owners to market themselves online. Many of them don’t have the budget or time to do it themselves, so they hire digital marketing agencies.

List of 25 Digital Trends That You Must Know:

  1. “Analog” Ad Spending Will Return to Growth (in Certain Sectors)
  2. “Paid” Social Media Will Fall in Favor Among Millennials
  3. Cross-Device Data Is More Important Than Ever
  4. Customer Experience Will Have a Major Impact on Marketing Strategy
  5. Customer Experience (CX) Will Be the Most Important Aspect of Marketing Strategy
  6. Social Media Will Continue to Grow in Popularity
  7. More Digital Marketing Agencies Will Work as Vendors to the Big 4
  8. Digital Marketing Competencies Will Continue to Diverge Among Different Industries
  9. Mobile Commerce Will Continue to Grow in Popularity
  10. Augmented Reality Will Be Used for Marketing Purposes
  11. The Gig Economy Is Here to Stay
  12. Wearable Tech Will Continue to Grow
  13. The Market for Internet of Things (IoT) Will Explode
  14. SEO and content marketing are still kings
  15. Video is the new social media
  16. Personalization is a must for customer retention
  17. The rise of chatbots as an alternative to traditional customer service channels
  18. Mobile-first design will dominate web design in 2021
  19. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into more digital marketing strategies
  20. Personalized marketing will be the new norm
  21. Marketing automation will help companies streamline their processes
  22. Mobile marketing is becoming more popular and necessary to stay competitive in today’s digital world
  23. Email marketing campaigns are still relevant but need to be personalized with each recipient
  24. Inbound marketing is here to stay
  25. Big data analytics will be the new norm

Why Do Businesses Need Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is a top priority for businesses and marketers seeking to attract new customers, increase revenue, build brand awareness and drive business success. In fact, digital marketing spend has grown by nearly 50 percent over the past five years.

Many brands nowadays are looking toward digital marketing to stay relevant and vibrant in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Digital technologies allow businesses to market directly to consumers – providing them with information when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. The best part: you can achieve all of this without ever leaving your office.

Digital Marketing services help businesses reach their target audiences more effectively through online channels such as websites, social media, email, and mobile devices.

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