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5 Proven Tips for Start Ups to Generate More Leads

All of the great brands had started off at some point and time in their careers. We all have been somewhere starting from the ground level with little to no previous experience, no real brand value, or maybe with no real solid networking.

With so many startups in the business world today, I decided to study the ones that are successful versus the ones that have failed.  I would like to share what I have discovered of how these successful startups have not only survived but were able to generate leads.

Here are the following factors that I saw in start-up businesses getting leads:

Build relationships

This is what I continue to see from any successful startup continued to build strong relationships. Though they would lots of them!  Building these relationships all around them, and creating a solid crowd.

A startup can be a lonely business if you’re not doing it with others.  So make sure you being proactive in building your crowd that fully support you through this whole endeavor.

START NOW:  Pick up the phone and call someone and ask them to meet up for lunch, find the next networking opportunity and make a goal of meeting 2 or 3 new people to have a following up meeting with. Create a list of people you would like to interview and learn from.  Get out and start building relationships today.

Validate ideas first

The most successful startups continue to validate each and every step of the ways.  The starts that usually fade out, or run out of cash are the ones that continue to go head first into more ideas without validating it.

Being able to validate ideas to help you figure out the changes, the demand, and the actual market that is out there willing to support your new business in the first place.  Always listen and make the changes that are necessary.

START NOW: Ask questions today! Start off by asking would you buy this product for $50 today?  Use your research and resources to make sure at least one person would be willing to pay you the amount of money you’re asking.  Always ask the right questions.  Do not let me repeat do not well, how much are you willing to pay for this.  That’s the wrong question.   Crowdsourcing is another way to validate your ideas.

Follow through

As simple as this may sounds, everyone knows how much change goes on through a startup.  There are some any timely, and chain of events if this or that does not work out.  Though, throw this study the most consistent startups that would be following through even if things fell through continued to thrive and build momentum that would carry them through.

It was very interesting to see the different scenarios that many startups were faced with and the ability to commit and stick things out together were amazing.  Through those tough times of being able to continue with many projects seemed to always draw the team closer together.  There is something about more frustration when something does not get accomplished.  Rather than, going through all the headaches to actually see the task carried through.

START NOW:  What project is that you have dropped, pushed aside, or even canceled.  Maybe it’s time to pick it back up and make things happen.  Or how about the project that you are on right now and make a commitment not only to yourself but to your teammates looking them square in the eyes and telling them that we are going to accomplish this no matter what.

Follow up

Meeting new people is great.  The next time you exchange business cards, emails, or LinkedIn information.  Make a list and make sure you follow up the conversation.  I always suggest giving the person a call.  Or send an unforgettable card/postcard/ thank you with a personal touch mentioning your conversation.  And of course my sure it has your startup information or logo somewhere on these cards.

Seriously, these small touches such as this will really put you ahead of the game, and it was proven when researching these startups.  Creating simple follow up connections was a vital step in many successful startups.

START NOW:  Who can you think of you that you meet last.  Pull out a notepad or your phone and reach out to them today.  Continue to be consistent in this area and you still start seeing the results.

Spend on advertising wisely

One of the biggest things that continued to play a factor was startups being creative with their advertising dollars. Don’t try to hit a home run and go out and spend a huge amount of expensive offline advertising right off the bat. DRC Web Design Ottawa agency puts a key focus on mobile marketing for local businesses in their targeted area.

The most popular ways that many successful startups would advertise is through Facebook. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you control of your targeted audience and continue to test and change within a reasonable price.

START NOW: You can quickly create a Facebook ad, and start testing today. Or start looking into several other creative ways that could really stretch your dollar. Go out there and create some creative advertising. Usually, those are the most exciting, viral, and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Create content

Every startup has a story, a message, and a vision. Being able to capture all that and effectively communicate and connect that to an audience will make or break a startup.  This was one of the biggest aspects that we continue to hear so many successful startups stress about delivering content to share their own story.

Though this type of content is what captures so many and will drive that organic traffic back to your different platforms.  Many startups shared that being able to create simple information through blogging, social media, and emails continued to drive them to success.

START NOW:  Create something new; a blog, a report, and a story to share your message today.  Go out and get the word out about why your startup is important and how it can help so many others.


As a startup business, you bring new life, passion, and enthusiasm that many are looking for and wanting to connect with. With this type of passion, you will see people respond.  Go out and make new friends, connect, and create your successful startup today!

What tips really hit home with you?  Please share in the comment section below.  And if you have a startup business I would love to connect with you so feel free to reach out and connect today.

Written By

Shyam Bhardwaj is the Senior SEO Analyst specialized in search engine optimization and marketing.



  1. vishwajeet

    May 28, 2019 at 8:19 am

    i totally agree with your validating idea point.. many of new age entrepreneurs pitch their ideas before validating which leds to rejection. keep sharing ….

  2. vishwajeet

    May 28, 2019 at 8:23 am

    Relationship building have also been a vital part of old business or local business. but that too can make a good base for startups also… liked your writing and suggested points.

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