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Case Study Research: Startups Redesigning the Future of Living

Startups are launched on a daily basis to put new ideas into practice. Many students graduate with exciting ideas for businesses. Their ideas may not all work out but the ones that succeed can make a big difference in sustainable living, climate change and other areas that affect the future.

A way to gain a competitive edge is to read through relevant industry case studies. Various organizations are committed to supporting startups by providing funding, acceleration services, and entrepreneurship education.

Many startups today address the need for food. For example, Belgian startup Robin Food obtains surplus food from manufacturers and turns it into products for socially vulnerable people. Other startups address problems with current farming methods. Urban space is at a premium today and agriculture uses fossil fuels in unsustainable amounts.

Lisbon-based Upfarming believes that the future of farming lies in small-scale vertical farms located in urban areas. Organizations and communities can buy rotating, vertical farms where they can grow their own food from seed. It’s a farming-as-a-service solution that Upfarming is already piloting with a “sky to table” community project in the Alvalade district.

Provide on-demand car services

In a case study about the growth of Uber, Dan Berman talks about identifying customer demands and redesigning an app around them. Uber is basically an on-demand car service available in major cities that you can ‘hail’ via the app. It is successful because it identified specific needs that were not being met by traditional taxi services.

The specific needs were to request a ride from anywhere, ride in safety and comfort, and enjoy hassle-free payment. Uber’s tagline is ‘Everyone’s Private Driver,’ and it fulfills this promise.

Rethink car parking

VePa is a startup in Munich, Germany, that is rethinking car parking to be more environmentally friendly and efficient. Its vertical parking system means that 12 cars can park in space normally reserved for two. It has plans to integrate charging hubs for electric vehicles and is considering partnering with mobility companies to allow customers to park fuel-based vehicles and switch to bikes, scooters, and electric cars.

What to do if you need to write case studies

Startup case studies can demonstrate why certain startups are successful. Writing case studies is challenging for students learning how to do them for the first time while they study. A case study writer at Uk.EduBirdie can help to develop and write a case study as they know how to offer the best assignment help. Case studies require custom writing at their best to be successful and this is why EduBirdie stands out. It provides assistance from Ph.D. and other highly-qualified writers who aim to deliver the best at any time.

More sustainable business models

In 2022 more sustainable business models are likely to pop up in many sectors, from insurance and finance to pharma and automotive. The next decade will be transformational as it becomes a necessity to become sustainable. More circular service models will be seen every to turn waste into value and reuse, rent, repair, and remanufacture. Companies will need to have a plan as customers will demand it.

The circular economy

ReCircled is a startup in Sidney, Nebraska, that follows the circular business model to keep footwear and apparel in rotation for longer and out of landfills through sharing, rental, repair, and resale. It designs circulatory in from the beginning by using durable, reusable materials.

ReCircled is already working with more than 50 brands and expects its workforce and the number of facilities to grow all over the U.S. The main way for startups like this to work is to find revenue streams for all the circular activities.

When to pivot or persevere

Fab was once known as the fastest-growing startup in the world and was valued at over $1 billion. It underwent a variety of changes over the years, pivoting successfully from being an LGBT social network to a daily flash sales site for independent artists.

Two years after the initial pivot, its attempt to pivot again was a failure and it ultimately sold up for a reported $15 million in cash and stock. What is evident from reading a case study on Fab is that it is very important to know when to pivot or persevere.


Reading case studies of successful startups like Uber and comparing this with the case study of a startup like Fab that was very successful at first but ultimately failed is revealing. It becomes apparent that unless a startup solves a major problem in a sustainable way, it could be destined for failure. It is important for all startups to constantly evaluate data, measure the market and contemplate new strategies.

Craig Brown works as an academic writer and his work covers a wide range of writing, including video scripts, essays, corporate presentations, and university-level research papers. His mastery in writing has helped him excel in his career. Besides his work, he loves water sports, digital art, and sketching cartoon characters.

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