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4 New Cybersecurity Threats & Innovations Unleashed at the Black Hat Event 2019

A few years back, hackers stole almost 117 million money and 71 million passwords from high-end companies such as LinkedIn and Dropbox. Even a few weeks ago, hackers passed around a mega leak of almost 2.2 billion records. Headlines like this are not uncommon when it comes to cybercrimes. Different organisations face hacker attacks every 39 seconds. Therefore, the biggest Event for cybersecurity, the Black Hat 2019, was held in Las Vegas last week. Ethical hackers and cybersecurity researchers came from all over the world to throw some light on this topic. I have crafted the top 4 cybersecurity issues and the top 5 cybersecurity hopes in the year 2019 as discussed in the Event.

Give the following threats and latest improvements a read. Some of the concerns are quite surprising due to the sophistication and volume of cyberattacks. However, the latest improvements in this industry may make you feel better since they are about different tools that emphasise on automatic security and application protection.

Top 4 Dangerous Cybersecurity Threats in 2019

From the possibility of malicious chatbots to critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, cyber-attacks can make our lives nothing less than torture. At the 2019 Black Hat event in Las Vegas, experts have revealed the kind of cyber threats that have dominated 2019 and may cause severe troubles in the years ahead. Let’s take a look at the top 4 cyber threats as discussed by the researchers and experts at the Event.

1. Automatic alteration of WhatsApp messages

According to the security experts of Checkpoint, hackers can decrypt and change WhatsApp messages just at the drop of a hat. Checkpoint also said that they had pointed out the issue a year ago and yet the issue still persists. Almost 1.5 billion people in this world use WhatsApp. Imagine the risk associated with everyone’s WhatsApp accounts! In the session, Checkpoint showed that they could even reverse engineer WhatsApp source code to decrypt the messages.

According to Checkpoint, this issue was brought forth to Facebook a few years back. But, Facebook confirmed that there is no such thing as a security vulnerability. All the researchers had to do was convert protobuf2 encrypted data to JSON to have a look at the real parameters for the communication. Therefore, unethical hackers could manipulate the chats and create spoof messages on WhatsApp easily.

2. Automatic and unethical access to wireless networks

Have you heard about the X-Force Red team of IBM? It’s a team consisting of veteran hackers who tends to keep an eye on the threatening cyber-attacks. In the Black Hat event 2019, they talked about a novel attack technique which is also called ‘warshipping.’ This technique is used by hackers to gain access to a wireless network remotely. The unethical hackers had to place a tiny remote-controlled scanning device in a package and deliver it to the corporate building.

IBM also added that corporate spaces should be more careful to prevent their sensitive data from being stolen. Hackers may just lurk around their corridors, hide in plain sight and steal sensitive data. A simple parcel can put all your data and information in jeopardy. The gadget is inexpensive since it takes only $100 to build the gadget. Then they are free to use it to harvest sensitive data whenever they want.

3. Spoofing of navigation data

A few weeks back, my neighbour, Mr Murphy, complained that his self-driving cars changed directions all by itself without prior instruction. I would not have believed him if I hadn’t listened to what Victor Murray, the leader at SwRI, has to say about cyber attacks. According to Murray, it is now possible to manipulate self-driving cars, drive off the path or change directions. He also has pointed out that the GNSS signals are low enough to merge them with malicious broadcasts.

In the Black Event 2019, Murray spoofed the navigation data from the GNSS and showed a major glitch in the current navigation systems. He said anyone who could exploit this glitch would be able to make the better of it. GPS receivers are prone to cyber-attacks because they don’t have integrity mechanisms. Apart from Murray, Team Unicorn also created spoof GNSS signals with a radio and a laptop and highlighted the flaw in the existing navigation systems.

4. Evolution of Ransomware with time

Everyone knows that ransomware is the bane of cyber security. The hackers tend to send malicious emails to the victim’s inbox. The virus spreads throughout the device once the victim clicks on the email. The ransomware can collect and breach sensitive data within seconds. And there’s no way of getting rid of it unless you meet the exorbitant demands of the cyber criminal. The number of ransomware attacks has considerably increased by 36% this year.

The effect of ransomware doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Also, you will find more than 3.5 million malware applications on the Internet. Almost 20% of businesses turn a deaf ear to these issues. Many of them do not have a proper plan to recover their data, assignments, customer information etc. other 42% of businesses, who have a recovery plan, tend to use an outdated backup method.

All in all, these are the top 4 cybersecurity concerns as discussed by the Black Hat Event in 2019. But, you don’t have to lose hope yet. The event also discussed the trends and techniques that could protect the world from a wide slew of cyberattacks. Hence, check out the top 4 facts about cybersecurity that give us hope to survive amidst hackers without worrying about the data breach.

Top 4 Cybersecurity Updates in 2019

Industry experts in the field of computer consulting, briefing and training attended the 22nd Black Hat conference in Las Vegas to discuss the most dangerous cybersecurity threats. This conference also highlighted the new products and services brought forth by different organisations to enhance cybersecurity throughout the world. The top 4 products revealed by the security vendors at the 2019 Black Hat Event are:

1. Carbon Black

This organisation brought forth customisable AI access control on the cloud-native endpoint protection platform. Security teams can enjoy more control of management and data access with the help of this tool. Great control indicates less data loss risks and reduced misuse of data. With this feature, administers can decide if an individual can create, read, delete or update certain data on the platform. The vendor also said that security teams could maintain flexible integrations throughout their technology stack.

Apart from this, Carbon Black revealed another API for its remediation product, which is CB LiveOps. This API will help the users initiate queries automatically and integrate the desired results from CB LiveOps. The organisation will be able to enhance its workflow using the new API. CB LiveOps can use the new feature and investigate threats, assess vulnerabilities and manage endpoints almost 10X faster.

2. CrowdStrike

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform got a new feature known as CrowdScore by the CrowdStrike Inc. This feature lets the corporate executives get a look at the real-time threats or their organisations and deploy resources according to the nature of the cyber attack. CrowdScore can also improve metrics and help organisations understand and curb the threats beforehand. Also, organisations can detect cyber threats in a minute, understand them in 10 minutes and handle them in an hour, which is insanely fast.

Security teams can also analyse the current state of threats in the cyber world. Corporate executives or security teams can make a wiser decision in terms of cybersecurity using this feature. There is an Incident Dashboard present in the main interface of this feature, which will compile and categorise alerts into incidents and prioritise critical threats. Finally, CrowdScore reduces the time and effort required to investigate new or existing cyber threats in an organisation.

3. Onapsis

It was revealed at the Black Hat event of 2019, that the Onapsis Platform has gone through significant updates. The new features include automatic governance and monitoring abilities. These features are meant for protecting business-critical applications which could collaborate with the cybersecurity governance and development, IT and compliance teams. Also, the vendor has promised that the updated version of Onapsis will reduce manual tasks, improve workflow and lower costs.

Along with this update, Onapsis also has integrated tools from the Onapsis Security Platform and Virtual Forge for three major tasks. Firstly, it lets the security teams assess and reduce application vulnerabilities. Secondly, the teams can control and accelerate workflows. Thirdly, it provides real-time visibility and persistent monitoring to different business applications. Therefore, the security operations centre and security teams respond to internal and external threats with ease.

Wrapping Up,

Cyber-attack is a serious deal that leads to massive losses of data every day. From disrupted democratic processes to gigantic money heists and paralysed critical infrastructure, a cyber attack can have some of the most gruesome consequences. Researchers consider cybersecurity as a shared responsibility and that is more visible in the number of cybersecurity products that come forward at the Black Hat events.

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1 Comment

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    November 12, 2019 at 8:03 am

    Great post with wonderful information. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance to all webmasters. It is vital to follow security steps and abide by them.

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