7 Steps To Video Marketing Greatness

video marketing

Video marketing is perhaps the best converting medium we have available to us as internet marketers. I’€™m going to share some of my most important tips with you.

Start With A Result In Mind

Just like any piece of content it should have an objective. Do you want to raise brand awareness, drive leads, gain shared in social media or make sales? If you know your objective it allows you to plan your video accordingly. This may seem simple but 99.99% of businesses make videos without a clear goal in mind.

No matter what your objective is you should always include branding in the video, this could be a watermark or a simple logo at the beginning and end of the video.

Calls To Action

Once you know what your objective is ask for that result! You need a call to action. If you want people to share the video tell them you would really appreciate them liking, Google+ or tweeting it. If you want an email opt-in, direct them to you opt-in form and tell them why they should sign up. Videos connect with people so don’€™t waste a golden opportunity for your business.

Use News and Industry Events

Breaking news is one sure fire way to grow your brand via video. Creating a tutorial or review of a new product or even commenting on industry news can go viral very quickly. Koozai were one of the first to do a video on Google + and they received 5,000 views in 48 hours, their normal videos receive 100 visitors.

Trade events are also a fantastic opportunities to build your brand and connect with your audience. You can showcase news, new products or interview well known people in your niche bringing you instant credibility. Imagine if you were in the SEO niche at an SEO event and you grabbed 2 minutes with Matt Cutts on video, it would propel your expert status and get huge views. Whatever your niche there are experts you can connect with and doing so on film gives you massive credibility.

Use Customers

Some of the best online videos involve customers. This can be customers using your product, talking about your product or you responding to customer questions. Responding to customer questions is particularly powerful as it allows you to overcome objections to potential sales without you pressurizing for a conversion.

Demonstrate Your Product

This is a perfect opportunity to add personality to your brand and show the benefits of your product. Demonstrate the product and if you can show other people using it your conversions will skyrocket.

SEO Your Video

Statistics compiled by Forrester Research state that it is 50 times easier to rank a video on the first page of Google. Video’€™s also get over forty percent more clicks so that is some serious easy traffic waiting for you.

If the video is hosted on your site make sure you create a video sitemap, there are plenty of free plug ins on WordPress that will do that.

Use keywords in your page title without being spammy and make the title compelling. Make sure you optimize tags and any meta data. If the video is on YouTube it’€™s vital you place a link at the beginning of the description so it’s viewable at all times.

Then encourage your audience to share the video via social media and use any existing relationships to gain exposure or links for the video.

Just Do It€“ & With Personality

Perhaps the most important aspect is to get yourself out there. Videos are easy to produce thanks to smartphones, webcams and screen capture software so there is no excuse. The videos don’t have to be perfect just inject some enthusiasm and personality and your videos will resonate with people. They engage and convert like no other medium so make sure you make it part of your marketing plan.

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  1. Videos has also become quite an active part of SEO marketing which was limited to text only before some time. The only thing you have to do is to have a proper plan & objective where videos need to be targeted. Thanks for this great share mate.

  2. Sound Looks Good! Video marketing is a good strategy for recent days. Day by day raising video tutorial using for website developers because which the business man easily understand via video tutorial. Good thinking man!!!

  3. So surprise that Video can be upload to SEO.
    We can’t not denied the important role of video in marketing nowadays.It’s very effective strategy to increase your business and make users easier to understand and capture your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

    Stephan Wu

  4. Great tips! I think showing your personality will go a long way to branding your video to people. It will stand out from the ten other videos that are similar.

    Great read!

  5. One needs to make a compelling video so that the audience will stay interested. Just like the written word. Videos need compelling images to stick.

  6. I’m wondering why no one mentioned about the first step which is the biggest of any of them.
    When I realized that my whole marketing funnel and also my videos greatly depend on what have in the back end.. well it gave me a great revelation.

    It is so much easier to get results, conversion if the information, and content creates a flow.

    Thank you for this post!

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