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Why Include Video Marketing In Your Digital Strategy?

This post tells What is video marketing, the advantages of video marketing and the video marketing trends.

There are many important advertising tools to help you boost your brand, position your website or increase your sales. However, video marketing is one of the most used and efficient recruitment techniques in recent years, whose impact is excellent for complementing marketing campaigns on social networks and landing pages.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an advertising technique in which audiovisual resources are used to promote a company, product, or service. Videos play a fundamental role when it comes to improving the interaction with your customers since the images, the sound, the songs, and especially the creativity in the art can provoke positive responses in the buying behaviors of your prospects. If you make all these elements work in harmony, users will remember you and rate you positively over your competitors.

Advantages of Video Marketing

In addition to helping you project a more professional and modern corporate identity, video marketing becomes an essential tool that allows you to:

Increase visits

Most of the people who see the videos of some brands on YouTube and social networks end up visiting their web pages to see their prices, evaluate the quality, and look for testimonials or references. Imagine how many people will be able to enter your website daily. Don’t wait any longer; make your video promoting your services or products.

Build more trust

When you take the time and dedication to show your product, you are showing how it is. Quality and specifications give your business more credibility than any other format because it establishes a solid bond of trust between your customers.

Stand out from the competition

Businesses that are unaware of video marketing are disadvantaged over those that are. This technique positions you as a safe and reliable company, so your customers will feel much more comfortable purchasing your product or service over a company that does not meet this profile.

Stimulate emotions

One minute of video can express the same information as thousands of words, but the multisensory stimulation will allow you to drive purchasing decisions through the effectiveness of neuromarketing. A video with many more resources, where you can use your creativity, will evoke feelings and emotions, which is more effective for telling a story.

Reach your audience

Fewer and fewer people spend time watching television or listening to the radio because they are connected to their computer, smartphone, or tablet, so if you want to attract more customers and boost your business, you should use video marketing to reach your public. Traditional advertising is falling behind!

Why include Video Marketing in your strategy?

YouTube is the most popular platform for uploading videos. More than two million videos are played on it per minute. In addition to YouTube, many other social networks allow the loading and reproduction of this format, which is favorable and accessible for users who access it from any type of mobile device.

Statistics show that a percentage of 69% of consumers watch videos up to two or more times before purchasing the product. And 44% of users use multimedia references on a site to make their purchases through the web because they don’t have time to go out to stores or because they simply find it more convenient.

This flurry of visits, clicks, and information makes video marketing a key element to complement or enhance your advertising campaigns and take advantage of its multiple advantages to convert visits into successful sales. Uploading attractive videos about your products, services and their benefits will always help consumers make a decision when buying.

Top Video Marketing Trends

Video marketing continues to boost the popularity of brands, and if you want to integrate it into your digital strategy to capture the attention of your potential customers, you must know what the main trends are to choose which one could be beneficial for your business.

Live Video

Live streaming is one of the techniques most used by brands since it allows them to increase engagement with the audience. With this type of live video, users feel that the brand is talking directly with them, giving demonstrations, launching new products, doing interviews, etc.

IGTV and Vertical Videos

Users increasingly consume more content from their smartphones. For this reason, services like IGTV (Instagram TV) or stories on social networks are ideal for getting closer to the audience through interesting and creative videos. These videos in vertical format are very attractive and are the perfect tool for influencers.

User Generated Content

Also known as UGC (user-generated content), this type of video content works very well because prospects trust the opinions of other users more than what brands say about themselves. Nor does it involve an investment of money more than time. If you encourage customers to make publications mentioning the brand, you will be able to locate its content and share it on the company’s social networks.


As you can see, video is no longer a compliment and has become necessary. To differentiate your business from others, you can reach and attract more users, remember to be creative, be authentic, and thus you will be able to position your brand in a great way.

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