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Tips for Using Social Media Video Marketing for Small Business

Tips on how small businesses can and should make use of social media video marketing

It is no news that videos constitute the most popular content on the internet and for that reason, they also have to be a part of your marketing strategy. Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and develop a lasting relationship. The rise of videos on social medial is huge and makes it the preferred platform for video marketing. Sharing video content through social media gives your brand a boost by getting it greater exposure and creating awareness.

If you, as a business, have not started utilising the power of videos on social media, you could have lost a lot of potential business. Any time is the right time to correct this folly and include it in your marketing plan. Users on these platforms look forward to video content as it has become an integral part of their social media life and businesses take advantage of this and experiment with video content exhibiting their brand.

Social media video content works only when your content makes you sit up and pay attention. Videos that have poor content cannot succeed on this platform. You need not worry about the competition and get your video marketing services to create content to the best of your ability. Video content on social media captures the attention of the audience, provides them with useful and relevant information and gives them an offer by the end of the video. It has the power to convert the viewer to a customer.

As a small business, the following video marketing strategies and tips regarding social media video marketing can help you grow:

  • Use Native Video Content Instead of Links

When Facebook users watch videos, they prefer to do it there and then rather than follow a link to YouTube. It is a good platform to engage with them, but links can put them off and cost you a potential customer. The native links have been known to give ten times better performance in terms of shares and interactions. This proves that Facebook also gives higher importance to native videos. The other reasons for this could be that a native video plays automatically, while for YouTube videos, users have the option of skipping it as it needs to be played manually. Moreover, users need to leave FB to watch the YouTube video.

  • Short and Relevant Videos Add Value

To engage your audiences, it is important that your audiences find the video to be useful and entertaining. A long-drawn video, in spite of being useful, can get tedious and urge the audience to leave it mid-way. Video content that is short, entertaining and useful can attract attention and help the brand improve its awareness. Users want to see videos that inform them of the latest happenings, particularly about the topics that interest them, without wasting time while also providing entertainment.

Instagram allows only short 60-second snippets of videos to be shared. The complete videos can then be watched using the link provided. This way, the audience is free to make the choice of watching the video or ignoring it. A compelling video will get higher views while one without any relevance will get ignored. Videos with instructions and solutions are highly popular.

  • Utilise the Consumer Attention Span

The attention span of the consumer has come down to 8 seconds. This is important to know when creating your video content because this tells you that your video has only 8 seconds to grab the attention of your target consumer. You have to make this time count. The first 8 seconds must have such an impact on the consumer that he is compelled to see it through.

You could use this opening of a few seconds to either show something very interesting or something very relevant to your consumer. This will make them stop and watch the rest of the video. If the viewers scroll down without paying attention to the video, you could end up losing a good opportunity. Having subtitles in your video is important as the sound often remains muted when the videos are on auto play. Readable subtitles become important in such a scenario.

  • Tell Your Viewers a Story

If you try to sell your product through a story that resonates with your audience, they are more likely to become a customer. This will be even more effective if the video addresses a particular need of the consumer. Videos are a great medium for telling stories because it utilises the senses of vision as well as hearing and hence, are more engaging than just audios or just visuals.

To create the right kind of connect, you must pay attention to the characters and the hook in the story. This hook is what links the consumer to your product. Telling a good story improves its value on social media as well.

Once you have your consumers engaged, entertained, emotionally hooked and sold on your product, it is time to ensure that they take a positive step towards becoming a customer. Ensure that your video marketing is compelling enough to get your customers to take the desired action. It could be to Like, Share, Subscribe or even ‘Shop Now’. Only a CTA can ensure the effectiveness of the video.

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Sanjana works as a content writer. In her spare she loves to spent lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. She’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing.

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