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Video Marketing May Sell Domain Names Faster

With recent advances in technology, the individuals attempting to push domain names, who are finding other methods of marketing to be not very fruitful, are turning to the power of video marketing. This form of marketing allows domainers to convey their message, sell domain names visually, and even offer special deep discounts for sharing videos through personal social channels.

Opposition interested in search engine placement is getting heavy, forcing domainers interested in expanding their global reach to think outside the conventional box, which is where video marketing steps in conveniently. Here’s more about this exciting new method of pushing domain sales higher.

Videos Simply Work

With over 95% of humanity using their smartphones for other purposes like downloading games or other pertinent pieces of information and nearly every smartphone in existence having HD video capabilities, it’s time to tap into the most resourceful and accessed market today – video – to sell domain names faster than before. Believe it or not, home medical equipment and supplies companies are using video presentations to push their services along. With pictorial evidence that these suppliers are providing top-grade goods, more clinics and customers in general feel more comfortable shopping with these outfits.

Building good rapport with potential domain buyers usually begins with an effective communications medium, an especially important fact when two people are transacting across the globe from each other. A transaction that is done in an efficient manner may lead to client satisfaction which, of course, means word of mouth advertising kicks in. Maintaining a competent domain selling environment is very important for many top-performing domainers around the globe – thanks to video marketing, chiefly.

Filming Employees Increases Authenticity

Many medical practices may not find ample time within their day to film their office employees, their waiting rooms, or even their hallways; it should be stated, however, that doing so will increase visibility in so many more ways than conventional social media marketing, newspaper advertising, radio marketing and email marketing combined as the click-through rates for video marketing campaigns were at 750% – in 2006 – when viral videos were not yet ‘hot’. It’s easy to find white papers depicting how your medical practice can benefit from video marketing with statistical data to back up claims being presented.

Video Is Cheaper

A study has shown that video marketing, mixed with content marketing, actually costs 62 per cent less than traditional methods of pushing messages, so is this the way to go for those wanting to sell domain names? An infographic from Demand Metric has shown the impact of implementing video marketing into your strategy, rather than just sticking to traditional methods and hoping for the best. That’s not to say that there isn’t any benefit in employing these techniques, however. Advertisements can be placed in various publications from local newspapers to national magazines. Domainers can also advertise on the radio and even the television, all having the potential to be very costly.


When assessing available domains for sale, and attempting to decide which one is most worthy of your hard-earned cash, it’s always tempting to cut corners by purchasing from those without videos to show stats, etc. More often than not, these domain sellers will be able to give you the lowest price on what you want, although getting the best deal isn’t always guaranteed to end well for you.

Those who generally spend the time to make videos to depict demographical information are trustworthy enough to buy from. So, if you intend to sell domain names legitimately, perhaps you’ll find fruition in posting videos wherever they’re allowed to bring old domains to life.

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Dave is a 20-year veteran in the journalism industry. He reports on tech, social media and healthcare news.



  1. Raj

    June 19, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Video marketing always have an upper hand whether you are selling a domain name or any other product. people gets connected to it more easily comparing to other marketing strategy.

  2. Samantha Vermillion

    June 20, 2013 at 3:23 am

    Video Marketing is an great leap into website flipping and domain flipping. It is actually the best, cheap and out of the box way to promote our domains.

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