LimeWire Shut Down By US Court

LimeWire, a free peer-to-peer file sharing client for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems, has been shut down by the US district court in New York. This brings to an end four years of legal battle between Lime Group and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The court injunction against one of the biggest file-sharing Internet sites, compels Lime Group to disable its searching, downloading, uploading and file trading features. The federal court ruled that ‘the platform intentionally caused “massive scale of infringement” by permitting the sharing of thousands of copyrighted works by its 50 million monthly users’.

limewire shut
Legal Notice on LimeWire

Thus, visitors to the LimeWire Website are now confronted with a legal notice that reads: “This is an official notice that LimeWire is under a court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorisation is illegal”. Meanwhile, a Lime Group spokeswoman, Fiffany Garnaccia, told AP that while they are out of the file-sharing business, other aspects of the organisation remains ongoing.The firm plans to launch new services that adhere to copyright laws soon.

Talking Point

How important is this ruling in the crack down against illegal file-sharing?

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  1. At the end of the day, people will always find a way to get what they want.. whether its thru IRC, Bittorrent, etc. We’re just so used to getting music for free, and it’ll be tough to stop this mindset.

  2. Literally they have to stop the entire internet to stop people from sharing music. The music industry has to realize that releasing some music is not enough. Most albums suck with only a few songs that are good and in day in age you do not have to except that nor do you have to pay for it. Their loss of earnings was because of bad products not file sharing.

  3. Copyright is for losers!
    I’m not gonna spend a cent to buy any album I’m sorry.

    I support music by going to concerts, listening to radio, going to music events, but I don’t want to give any money to this f**kers copyright holders and music mafia.

    Support the artists, not the mafia behind it.

  4. Limewire was one of the best torrent application when i was a newbie i could download stuff easily. But as compared to new torrent applications that’s not a better one i feel.

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