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Understanding the Pivotal Role of C-Panel In Web Hosting Service

Circle_of_spamC-Panel is one of the most important software programs used by many web hosting companies. The tools offered by C-Panel present unlimited opportunities. With minimal training, professionals can manage an online presence. C-Panel was first released in 1996 and is being managed by C-Panel Incorporation, Houston. This web hosting control panel simplifies the process of web hosting and is designed for dedicated or virtual private servers. It can also be easily installed on a freshly installed operating system.

Why C-Panel is popular

You can run your website easily with the tools offered by C-Panel. The following points will summarize its effective tools:

  • C-Panel offers file management tools that can be used to keep your information organized. Specific directories of the website can be saved with its backup tools. Quick modifications can also be made to website files.
  • The widely used control panel ensures that your server and website are secured. The tools minimize the chances of an attack on the site and help the website owner to gain secured access to the server.
  • The tools offered by C-Panel help in business communication. You can easily create new e-mail accounts, access mailboxes and configure email clients.

A cut above the rest

Numerous choices are offered to new website owners. C-Panel hosting is better than most other choices as:

  • It is based on Linux which is one of the best platforms for the web. The Linux operating system automatically configures to the server.
  • C-Panel platform is very user-friendly. With little experience, you can operate C-Panel easily. It is very useful for entrepreneurs who are new to web hosting.
  • C-Panel offers support software. After installing C-Panel, you can make modifications to the structure of the website.

Utility of C-Panel features

C-Panel can assist you in relation to email functions. You can easily create, modify and remove e-mail accounts. Unwanted mails can be blocked easily, and unwanted content can be filtered. With a built-in-file manager, you can download files to the server. Uploading files also becomes easy. C-Panel can also help you in site maintenance, creating protected passwords, blocking and unblocking IP addresses and enabling browsing directories becomes easy. C-Panel hosting is affordable and widely used in the market.

Benefits of control panel

With C-Panel, changing and editing content on your website is easy. The web-based interface allows you to record visitor data easily. Installing blogs and shopping carts is not complicated. Navigation can help you to create sub domains and redirect the sub domains to another page. If you are using UNIX operating system C-Panel will not disappoint you. As you enjoy the flexibility and freedom of C-Panel, it will automatically configure to the operating system. Authentication of emails and delivery reports are enabled. Backup for different sections of a website can be created with a backup interface which is provided by C-Panel.

C-Panel is highly recommended for novices. It offers high flexibility in changing hosting providers. The clear arrangement of the control panel ensures that users can find the tools and features easily. You can move the boxes of the features and arrange them according to the frequency in which they are used. With very little effort all aspects of a website can be managed with C-Panel. Furthermore, its control panel makes installing content management software on your account simple. Furthermore, you can secure your site folders with passwords and enhance the security of your site.

Why C-Panel is popular

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Amarjeet is a website owner who has highly benefitted from C-Panel. He referred to to know more about the features offered by the control panel.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kundan

    March 4, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Thanks for the info. I also use the cpanel a lot either for modifying wordpress themes or for creating an email account and for other reasons too. It makes our life easier to modify you database too.

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