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iOS or Android?

The iOS and Android debate is very divisive -€“ at least for those who don’t have accessories like a USB 3.0 docking station that can work on both devices. But what really distinguishes them from each other? Which operating system wins?



iOS 7 vs. KitKat: Kitkat has a more attractive homescreen as opposed to the black color that could be too daunting and you would not find the widget selection anymore. As for the iOS 7, the color of the homescreen changed to a lighter one. The icons look cartoonish.

Who wins: Choose the iOS 7 for a more playful feel. Most of the homescreens are too serious so this would be a welcome change.

Device Selection

iOS 7 vs. KitKat: Apple operating system was able to use some of the elements that were already used by Android like the multi-tasking menu but it was improved considerably. Both systems are almost similar in terms of function.

Who wins: Choose Kitkat since the iOS 7 has a limited selection in terms of devices, only two in fact, an iPhone with either a 3.5 04 4-inch display.

Call Selection

iOS 7 vs. KitKat: iOS 7 uses facetime to place a call. To place a class, you just need to go to Facetime and then choose the contact after than tap the phone icon. For the Kitkat, there is a dialer to use that has an the capacity to search for any business that you want to call. The numbers are integrated so they can be easily found even without the use of a directory.

Who wins:  Choose Kitkat since you need not go to Google’s site to find the numbers you would need. This saves time and effort.

Video chat

iOS 7 vs. KitKat: It is possible to have a group call for iOS 7 that has filters for better line quality. Kitkat introduced open hangout wherein you can have a video call with your contacts even the frequently contacted ones. You can also choose to talk using SMS or Chat if you prefer to.

Who wins: If you a social butterfly, it would be better to use the iOS 7 to talk to numerous people. You can easily use your apple device when talking with a number of people with the use of 3-port USB 3.0 docking station.


iOS 7 vs. KitKat: It is possible to make the virtual navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to be translucent for the kitkat version.  The horizontal line that separates the favored apps is gone. As for the iOS 7, it is possible to hide the bottom line by tweaking the custom background image.

Who wins: Having a choice of using the bottom line should fall on the user. So it is better to use the iOS 7 since you can have the choice of using it or not.

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Heather Brigs is a freelance writer who loves Fashion and Technology. She writes technology articles for, a site where you can buy thunderbolt cable for Mac, lightning usb cable, usb 3.0 docking station and 4-port ipad charging station for affordable prices.



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  2. eskisehir

    March 3, 2014 at 10:57 am

    of course iOs..

    • Heather Brigs

      March 5, 2014 at 2:49 am

      That’s a great choice! 🙂

  3. kex

    March 3, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    For entering passwords and pass phrases, Android is my obvious choice. Try entering a 64-character pass phrase in iOS without making a mistake. Although the default is to display the black dots, Android allows you check a box to see the whole pass phrase while you enter it. iOS does not. Even with the black dots, Android allows you to see the lower case letters as you enter them, but iOS shows them all as upper case. Even when in lower case mode, the iOS touch keyboard shows only upper case. This feature alone makes Android my favorite.

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