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What Drives Online Merchants Towards Drupal Customization

Drupal is indeed the most popular content management system, which is widely preferred by the majority of developers and website owners throughout the world. Enriched with a number of themes and modules, Drupal serves as an ultimate platform for designing & developing business sites, informative websites, job portals, e-commerce sites and others. Recent few years have witnessed a considerable enhancement in the number of Drupal developers, who have arrived with advanced web development solutions for small to medium enterprises.

Drupal Customization

Content management systems help users create, automate, structure and manage publishing content. Developers are heading towards flexible & open source CMSs that are available free of cost, so that they can save money and shift their attention back to web development. Written in PHP, this robust platform comes with a wide range of features that set it apart from others. From small scale business websites to large social entertainment portals, Drupal is deployed by professionals for different projects.

Why Is Drupal The Top Choice Of Small & Big Enterprises

  • Modular Structure: Drupal’€™s modular structure makes it the perfect fit for building e-commerce sites as well as employment portals. This powerful software provides you with handy tools that help manage a website’s content, handle multiple users at a time and track statistics. It provides complete flexibility to create solid websites tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Easy Customization & Integration With Third-party Applications: Customization plays a key role in keeping the site updated. It is essential to keep your site up-to-date for the successful growth of your business. You do not need to edit the entire code of your site, while using Drupal CMS. You can simply upload the customization codes and that is it. Also, you can avail the benefits with flexible integration of third-party applications to your website in order to give it a unique look.
  • Reduced Establishment & Ownership Cost: Being an open source software, Drupal is available absolutely free and does not include any royalties. You can just start working on it without any need to pay costly upgrade charges, management & maintenance costs, administrative overheads and others. This user-friendly as well as easy to install CMS is perfect for small enterprises, who cannot afford to spend a lot on installation & usage of web development softwares.
  • Reliability: Drupal’€™s source code is tested a number of times by professionals to ensure that the code is prevented from any security breach, virus attacks and hack attacks. With this reliable platform, you can be rest assured about creating a site or a web application that does not require you to be involved in virus checking, data loss or downtime.
  • Drupal Support Multiple Content Types: Drupal is of great advantage, when there is a need to manage the website’€™s content on a regular basis. Moreover, it helps you build and manage various content types ranging from blogs, videos to statistics and podcasts. No matter what type of content you require for your website, Drupal customization makes things possible for you.


Thus, if you own a small or mid-scale business, Drupal is the best choice that can help you build a fully-functional website for your organization. A professional Drupal developer is capable of providing result-oriented solutions to meet your exact business requirements in a cost-efficient manner.

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Being a renowned blogger and web developer from PSDtoDrupalDeveloper, Clyde Ray gives the best tips on custom Drupal development. His useful blogs & articles prove to be a perfect guide to enhance your site and let your business grow.

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