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Top 5 Wearable Tech In 2014

According to experts from the tech community, wearable tech will become one of the largest trends in the year 2014, which includes nifty devices such as smart watches, smart glasses and fitness bands. A recent poll found out that 72% of people would purchase wearable tech simply for its aesthetic appeal, whereas 67% said the devices must fit with their personal style. No matter what the reason for purchase is, wearable tech is here to stay and change the face of technology. Below are the top 5 wearable tech for the year of 2014:

Google Glass

One of the most significant wearable tech trends is the Google Glass, which is worn over the head and gives instant notifications in front of the user’€™s eyes. The Google Glass connects to any Android or iOS device through Wifi or Bluetooth, and it also includes a camera, which users can use to take hands-free photos from a first person’€™s point of view. At the moment the price is still a little on the high end, but as the year progresses, experts are hopeful that this wearable tech will become more wallet-friendly to consumers.

Qualcomm Toq

Smart Watches are another wearable tech trend to look out for – other than telling the time, smart watches also include other developed functions. Most smart watches can be synced directly with the user’€™s smartphones in order to provide easy access to perform functions such as calling, listening to music and checking for notifications. An example of a beta version of the smartwatch trend is the Qualcomm Toq, a smartwatch compatible with Android smartphones. What separates this model from its competitors is the unique Mirasol display, which is a colour touchscreen display that has excellent outdoor viewing ability.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Another smart watch that will play a significant role in the wearable tech trend is the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Unfortunately this particular smartwatch is only compatible with Samsung devices, but it includes a number of selling points, such as a 2-day battery life, a ‘Find My Device’€ app to locate a lost smartphone and an ‘Auto Lock’€ function, which automatically locks the user’s smartphone once he is more than five feet away.

Fitbit Force

Fitness is made simple with gadgets such as the Fitbit Force, which is essentially a fitness band that tracks a range of daily and nightly activities, such as the number of calories consumed, the day’€™s activity and a sleep-tracking option. The fuelband works on Bluetooth and syncs with any iOS or Android device, which makes it an easy and convenient device to use for the consumers.

Pebble Steel

Last but not least is the Pebble Steel, which includes attractive features such as a 5-7 day battery life, 5ATM waterproof feature and daylight readable display. Since Pebble is a company that exclusively produces wearable tech, there is also a specific Pebble app store to maximise user experience. Experts have high hopes for this product, as the company can focus 100% of its dedication on improving the prototype.

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Clarissa Turner is an English major graduate from New York University. Due to her academic background, she has developed a passion in writing and informing others on important stories around the world. As she is a geek at heart, she has combined both her passions to write quality articles on geek-related news.



  1. Erik

    March 4, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Any news on Apple’s planned smartwatch or Samsungs rumored smartglasses?

  2. shailesh puri

    April 19, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Nice post……Google has always come up with new innovative ideas related to technologies. Google Glass is one in all the foremost hyped and anticipated comes from Google…… After Google Glass Google has Patent Tiny Contact Lens Camera.

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