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The Technology of NY Point Removal  

It’s hard to forget you have points on your license because they ultimately pop up at the worst times — like when you’re trying to get a better rate on your insurance, or when you keep getting notices from the DMV. When it comes to point removal on drivers license in New York, there are a few things you should know before you decide your next move.


If you even know a little bit about point reduction, you’ve probably already heard of PIRP. The Point and Insurance Reduction Program are designed to subtract up to four points off your license, so it’s mainly designed for those with the worst records who are close to losing their license. You can take the program once every 18 months.

If your license was already slated to be suspended or revoked, this will not prevent this mandate. It’s there to give people a last-ditch way to keep their licenses if they managed to rack up a few points in just a few months. One thing to remember, which can be tricky considering the name of the course, is that the points aren’t coming off your driving record. This is about saving drivers from the full weight of the points, so they don’t lose their freedom.

What You’ll Learn

During this course, you’ll go over several different subjects related to NY defensive driving. The theory goes that if you’re getting so many points on your license, you’re probably having a challenging time coping with the many stresses on the road. Of course, this can be said for most drivers — especially if you live in a highly populated area.

Fortunately, this is a frequent problem with real answers. You will not only be reminded of a few extra safety tactics you may have forgotten since you were a teenager, you can also learn some new tips that you can use to steady yourself when you’re angry. In other words, you’ll learn what to do when your only wish is to tailgate the person in front of you or slam on the brakes because of someone tailgating you.

Point Removal

No one will be able to give you a straight answer about the exact technology of NY point removal because it’s different for everyone. However, you can find out how long points stay on your NY driving record. It may take a year and a half before points are entirely cleared from your record, or it may take up to 4 years.

The exact length of time is based on the severity and the consequences of your offense, and how you handle yourself after the points have been issued. One thing to note is that moving violations are never removed for any reason. Those will stay on the record for the maximum amount of time. When it comes to DUIs or drug offense, it takes 10 years to remove those convictions. You can think of point reduction as a way to help your driving record as opposed to cleaning it up completely.

Insurance Facts

Insurance companies use your past driving history to determine just how much risk they’re taking when it comes to calculating your rate. Unfortunately, they don’t use the same system as the DMV, so it can be a little confusing.

What you need to know is that the extra steps you take do matter in terms of your consequences. Taking a defensive driving course can save you money on your insurance premium every month. Even a 10% reduction can end up putting a lot more back in your wallet after a few years (plus you’ll be a better driver to boot!).

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