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computer repairs

4 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer Faster

We are living in a world where almost everything is rendered through computers. Our lives are incomplete without electronic devices and gadgets like PC, laptops, notebooks, and multi-media ...
customer service

How Call Center Services Stimulate Business Growth and Expansion

Growing businesses usually seek every possible way to improve their market image. And this can be achieved only by improving customer services. Until and unless your customers are not ...

Apple vs. Google: The Battle of Online Purchases

In this era of digital world, people shop online more often than they do in actual stores for their multimedia needs. Way back then, the early forms of social selling were commonly ...

Using Roles for Access Control is not RBAC

I hear this kind of statement all the time:  ‘We use Roles/Groups for access control in our systems and applications so we’re RBAC’. My response is an emphatic:  ‘No ...
mobile apps profit

4 Tips for A More Profitable Mobile App

Making money using mobile apps is commonly perceived as a dying trend. This could not be farther from the truth. Many people are still creating new apps and finding ways to make their ...

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