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Virtual Interview Tips for Recruiters

Employers and recruiters are using cutting-edge technologies to find new staff as businesses around the globe work to adapt to the current pandemic. Virtual interviews are one such advanced recruitment strategy. A fantastic technique to conduct interviews remotely while considering the current situation and preserving the candidates’ safety is through video or virtual interviews. But what do the terms “virtual hiring” and “virtual recruitment” mean?

The technique of conducting interviews and recruiting candidates using video conferencing and video interviews is virtual recruitment or virtual hiring. Virtual interviews, in which the candidate interviews a distance, are also known as video interviews. Virtual interviews have their own set of difficulties despite how convenient they are. Virtual interviews have become increasingly common in the recruitment process, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a recruiter, here are some tips for conducting successful virtual interviews:

1. Test your technology

Ensure that the technology you will be using for the virtual interview, such as the video conferencing platform, microphone, and camera, is working correctly. Test them in advance to avoid any technical issues during the interview. We are all aware that technological hiccups can occur, so before implementing any new tools for interviews, make sure they have been thoroughly tested. Consider scheduling a technical rehearsal; record it so you can see what needs to be changed. Make sure everything works from home if you’re working remotely rather than in an office. It’s crucial to be upfront with candidates about the platform like Ducknowl you’ll be utilizing, and it’s never a bad idea to give them your phone number in case something goes wrong.

2. Be mindful of implicit bias

In the past, hiring decisions were frequently made based solely on “gut instinct” during interviews. Yet, the times are thankfully changing. Interviewers tend to favor job candidates who have a similar career trajectory, the same hobbies, or who they believe would fit in well with the team due to unconscious or implicit prejudice. Nevertheless, none of these qualifies them for the position. The impact of unconscious bias during virtual interviews can be lessened by standardizing interviews with the use of an interview intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Formalize feedback from interviews

Feedback from interviews shouldn’t be given on the spot or restricted to a quick phone call if someone has time. Only 41% of employers take the time to provide feedback, even though 94 percent of candidates want it. A feedback box on your scorecard may be included to help you keep track of the exact details you want to discuss with each candidate. Feedback from candidates is also tremendously helpful for streamlining your procedures. You can find areas for improvement in the interview process by sending a brief candidate survey following the interview.

4. Conducting interviews and communicating effectively

A virtual interview could become the new norm by taking into account the scenario at hand and the wider globe. As a result, recruiters and employers should develop an extensive system to enable video conferencing during virtual interviews. The best and most effective technique to find new applicants is in this manner.

It is crucial to fully explain your plan to your recruitment team when you decide to implement this virtual hiring approach. They will be the ones carrying it out on the ground, after all. Also, a lack of communication will lead to several inconsistencies in the hiring process.

Not only that, but companies should also let the qualified applicants on their list know about the change in the interview process. This will enable them to make the required preparations to guarantee a smooth interview with no technical issues on their end. A significant obstacle to remote employment is communication. Hence, as an employer, you must make sure that all of your employees have efficient and open channels of communication for problems with their jobs.

5. Pick a suitable location for your interviews.

Choose a spot that is tidy, uncluttered, and distraction-free. This will guarantee an easy interview procedure and eliminate any interruptions or distractions. Eliminate harsh lights and outside noises because they could make the interview process more difficult.

The candidate should hear the same from you. This will guarantee that the applicant sets up a transparent and unobstructed environment to conduct the interview. Encourage your prospects to choose a venue that is calm, well-lit, and offers the recruiter a clear visual and audio input of the candidates.

6. Take follow-up

Don’t terminate the interview abruptly if you are finished. Sending a considerate thank-you note to the applicant as a follow-up can ensure that your virtual interviews are concluded appropriately. Thank your candidate for contributing to the success of the interview and for their time spent with the business. This is a fantastic approach to give the interview an appropriate conclusion.

To find out how the candidates feel about the virtual interview process, ask them for feedback. You can refine your procedure for upcoming projects with the help of their input. Moreover, make sure they have the right information regarding what happens after the interview. And keep them updated on the outcomes.

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