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Why HR and Recruiters Must Conduct Video Screening Interviews

Using a webcam, a microphone, and the internet, video interviewing is the practice of digitally interviewing candidates for available positions. For many businesses, it now constitutes a significant portion of the hiring process for talent. Although it may appear intimidating for both job hopefuls and hiring managers, doing a video job interview entirely remotely might be advantageous. For instance, the majority of candidates anticipate a protracted hiring process, with some businesses needing more than a month to complete a single position. It won’t take as long for the right person to be hired because video interviews enable recruiters to conduct interviews more quickly than with conventional techniques. Additionally, you can calm candidates’ fears by outlining your expectations, the timetables for the hiring process, the names and positions of everyone they’ll be seeing during the interview process, and how the follow-up procedure will operate. Depending on your needs, there are different ways to conduct video interviews with applicants for open positions inside your organization. Let’s dissect everything.

Types of Video Interviews

There are two different video interview techniques you can use when wanting to expand your company. Both are equally successful and assist you in locating the ideal candidate for any open position.

Live Video Interview

Live video interviews, also known as two-way video interviews, enable two or more individuals, such as the candidate and the hiring team or recruiter, to chat face-to-face but not physically present in the same space. Regardless of where they are, they simply join the same video conference and conduct their interview in person. The first in-person interview is typically replaced with this form of online recruitment interview because it is now the most popular one. Candidates can avoid making repeated trips to an office to complete various interview stages when hiring managers give them the option to do a live video interview. Instead, the applicant can do the interview online from the convenience of their home.

Pre-recorded Interview

Pre-recorded video interviews, sometimes referred to as one-way or on-demand interviews, are swiftly replacing screening interviews conducted solely by phone call or phone interview in the early stages of the hiring process. Instead of interviewing over the phone with a recruiter present, the candidate will be shown questions one at a time and will record their answers using an online system. Once finished, the system alerts your hiring team so you may see their comments and decide whether to continue with that individual.

Why HR and Recruiters must conduct Video Screening Interviews

Shorter Hiring Time

They can save HR teams and department heads a ton of time whether you pick real-time or recorded video interviews, or are employing talent acquisition or recruiting. Think about how much time you allot to each applicant when they show up for a job interview. You probably spend some time greeting them at the door, providing them with coffee or water, leading them to the meeting space, giving them a quick tour of the workplace, and then leading them out. Although it might not seem like much, if you’re interviewing a large number of applicants, this could take longer than you anticipate. This time can be reduced by doing video screening interviews at your workstation, as you can. You can meet more prospects in less time when you do video interviews instead of getting up from your desk, which will quicken the hiring process.

Lower Costs for Employing

Naturally, shortening the hiring process will result in some financial savings for your business. When hiring for a role is critical to the workflow and success of others, a slow hiring process might cost your company money because the open position remains open for a longer period and may progress through the different hiring phases more quickly and hire the ideal employee sooner when you take advantage of quickly screening prospects by watching their recorded interviews or interviewing several candidates in one day on video.

Positive Results from the Interview

When done properly, video interviews can improve the interviewing process for all parties. The applicant won’t have to worry about finding parking or paying for it, nor will they have to drive to your office. Additionally, students will be more prepared with the responses they wish to give when they are aware of the questions in advance.

Stress can interfere with a candidate’s performance during an interview, and being able to practice these responses and deliver them.

Take Away Geographic Restrictions

Your business may pass up on some outstanding individuals who reside elsewhere if it solely recruits local personnel. The right platform will connect you with possible employees who can work remotely or those who live in other places and are interested in relocating when you install video interviewing software. By removing these obstacles, in addition to time zone differences with one-way interviews, your business may access a far wider talent pool.


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