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World of Warcraft: An MMORPG’s Legacy Cemented

World of Warcraft has one of the longest streaks of prominence in pop culture. Here, we discuss why it will always have a place in the gaming world.

When it comes to MMORPGs, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with another title that’s as relevant, widespread, and impactful in pop culture as World of Warcraft. Simply put, WoW is the standard by which all other MMORPGs are measured. The fact that it was released fourteen years ago (2004) has done little to diminish its lasting effect in the gaming world. Longevity is a trait that is quite rare among gaming franchises. Just think about it. How many upgrades and advances in technological hardware have come and gone since WoW’s initial release? Yet it persists and continues to be the title that every gamer absolutely needs to have installed on his or her rig.

Here’s a look at the key reasons why World of Warcraft will always have a place in the gaming world.


World of Warcraft took one of the most “hardcore” genres in the gaming world and made it readily accessible to the mainstream. Before WoW came along, the gaming landscape wasn’t particularly conducive to MMORPGs—with Everquest being the most prominent title coming from the genre. Of course, we have to understand that this was indeed a different time and that the shift in the tide was just about to happen. When it did happen, WoW was clearly at the forefront. It has been riding the tide’s momentum since then and it has yet to show signs of ebbing any time soon.


We mentioned earlier that WoW was released over a decade ago. As such, it’s bound to have an inherent nostalgic factor; one that keeps players coming back to it to relive familiar adventures or even discover slight nuances one may have missed before. Make no mistake about it, however. Its magnetism isn’t reliant only on sheer nostalgia. Aside from offering players with the familiarity of an old game, it constantly gives players new things to discover and experience as well. Then there’s the social aspect of the game. With thousands of other players actively participating in the game, you’re sure to build your own circle of friends as you spend hours just bonding over the game you know and love so well.


As we’re already on the subject of continuous improvement, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how well WoW has evolved and kept up through the years. When you consider how gigantic the sprawling landscape of WoW was originally, you’d think it’d be impossible to expand and improve upon it further. However, you’d be wrong. The fact of the matter is that Blizzard routinely pushes the boundaries of an already expansive WoW universe, so much so that you’ll be in constant need of formidable WoW Mounts if you are to traverse it with success. WoW practically draws inspiration from other fantasy “universes” without being contrived whatsoever.

World of Warcraft was always designed to be as addictive as can be. Players spend hours grinding away at it. Add the fact that there are numerous ways for one to enjoy the game and you’ve got a lasting recipe for success. While most gaming franchises may come and go, the smart money is on World of Warcraft staying where it is because then, now, and always, it’s sure to have a special place in the gaming world.

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