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Great “Christmas” Gift Ideas For Gamers (That Aren’t Games)

Buying gifts for friends and family with somewhat specialised tastes can be a daunting prospect. When it comes to gamers, the obvious temptation might be to go for the latest chart releases. But what if your recipient is of the hardcore strain, and has all of the latest software the day it comes out? Then it’s time to get a little more creative! Here we’ve collected eight of our favourite gift ideas for the joystick jockey in your life.

Intro image CC via Flickr


A great place to start is with accessories for the games they really like. Driving gamers will really appreciate a decent steering wheel (of course). So go for the best and the most up-to-date with the Steel Series S1 Steering Wheel. With more buttons than the average jumbo jet’s flight deck, this wheel is more like a Formula 1 steering paddle. This is one for the PC gamers, so make sure you know they play games on a PC. If your giftee is more of the beat-‘em-up sort, you might want to consider a good arcade stick to recreate that coin-op experience.

Bored Games?

No, board games, but the type you might actually get a sullen teenager to happily play… because, you’ve guessed it, they’re linked to video games! Try Monopoly’s Street Fighter, World of Warcraft or Sonic the Hedgehog versions. All around $40.

Retro Re-Skin

CC via Flickr

For a great little stocking filler, turn their iPhone into any number of retro gaming devices with a nifty case. They’re cheap as chips, too, at only a dollar or two each, so they can make for great stocking fillers. This original Gameboy case is our personal favourite.


Who could say no to Nintendo graphics for the wall? Invoking post-modern adulation of the games of yesteryear, these vinyl stickers will delight older and younger gamers alike. They’re not cheap, at $69.99, but how can you put a price on seeing the joy on the face of someone who’s bored of receiving socks from Auntie?

Pixel Vision

OK, so Christmas in the Northern hemisphere might not be the best time to be gifting sunglasses, but these are too charming to pass up. These pixelated beauties are so ridiculously cool that you could wear them inside or opt for the no lenses version.

NES Moleskine

Make university or college more fun with this very subtle gamer notepad. Featuring the original 1980s Nintendo game pad on the cover, fellow retro gamers will recognise the recipient of this as a fellow video game enthusiast and they’ll get a nod of approval.

Makey Makey

Possibly the coolest invention ever in the history of geekdom, the Makey Makey is a clever bit of kit which allows you to make a gamepad out of anything. We won’t go into the technical side of anything. We’ll just tell you that you can play Mario Kart with bananas/a beach ball/your feet/anything you can think of. $49.95 for endless creativity.

3D Printing

OK, this is totally out of most people’s price range, but the ultimate computer-related present at the moment has to be the new 3D printers. If you’re willing to fork out thousands of dollar, you will be giving the gift of a lifetime. Imagine what they could make with this. Mainly a thousand mini replicas of their favourite video game heroes.

For more great gift ideas, for him or for her, check Conran Shop UK.

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  1. Chris Adams

    November 27, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    ‘History of geekdom’, what a great expression! Game wallpapers are really good presents for geeks I think. They need to put pictures of their favourite games on the wall, so they can see it even when they asleep. I have to admit, I wouldn’t say no to pixel vision sunglasses, these are just awsome!

  2. Hunter

    November 30, 2012 at 1:55 am

    Thanks for the great ideas, Liam. My son is a huge gamer, and I know he would love nearly everything on this page. Of course, when he isn’t gaming he is hogging the TV. Eventually I want to watch something, and he gets mad when I kick him off. One of my coworkers from DISH suggested that I alleviate this problem by getting a DISH Sling Adapter. I will be able to watch TV, and my son will be able to stream live show or DVR recording he wants to watch to his phone. Now I need some stocking stuffers, and I think he would really love that O.G. Gameboy iPhone case.

  3. Divyesh

    October 30, 2013 at 6:08 am

    I love to play games some of my friends call me the game-boy because now and then i am just playing game. and i love this blog it have my thing to play i wandering that in the Christmas what game i get to play and here the blog to help me so thanks for my side.

  4. Sam Brunson

    November 2, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Board games are definitely a good idea for a present! I would suggest maybe getting a version of Clue. It’s a really fun game that would be perfect!

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