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A Quick Look At Circuit Breaker Maintenance By Mobile Agent Software Technology

With the emergence of new maintenance methodologies and techniques, the circuit breakers’ functions and design have been ever improving. Standing true to this fact, few circuit breakers come with embedded monitoring devices for measuring the profiles of coil current and operation timing. Here we’ll learn more about circuit breaker maintenance, courtesy mobile agent software technology.

What Are Circuit Breakers?

Circuit breakers are very important components of power system operations. They have a vital role in switching during the normal network operations and safety of other equipment in the power system. It is crucial to ensure proper functioning of circuit breakers by conducting periodical inspections and performing preventive maintenance. Mobile agent software can come in handy for maintenance of circuit breakers.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance Tasks

Circuit breakers maintenance ought to be specially considered due to their significance in routine switching and safety of other equipment. A circuit breaker failure due to lack of preventive maintenance could lead to electrical transmission system damage and device destruction.

If the breakers stay idle for around 6 months or so, they should be opened and closed several times in succession to ensure proper operation. A circuit breaker should also be checked for accumulation of dust or foreign materials, and cleaned up regularly.

The tasks under preventive maintenance program includes include periodic tests and inspections, lubrication of the mechanical parts, and replacement of defective or worn-out components. The maintenance intervals have to be decided based on vendor recommendations and usage experiences. Sure thing, there are some specified timelines

Performing Circuit Breaker Maintenance Using Mobile Agent Software

The maintenance crew will have to assess info that is distributed across the utility during the maintenance routines. This crew has to be equipped with new data access methods to substitute the old paper-based work of information exchange and logging. This way, efficiency can be improved since less time will be needed for preparation, reporting, and logging. Such a method of accessing data should be safe and have the ability to work on undependable public networks.

Mobile agent software offers a versatile framework for mobile agent related applications. This software program can pass to the computers where the mobile agent server is functioning through internet. It also supports Agent Collaboration, Distributed Events, and Service Bridge.

The agent can carry out local processing of date when compared to client server system and thus bring down the network traffic. Moreover, the Java program sums up the network layer from the agent, making programming simpler.

Circuit breaker maintenance by mobile agent software technology definitely fits well in the maintenance scenario by visualizing things from the perspective of the maintenance crew.

Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit breaker testing, repair and maintenance can be performed on low, medium as well as high Voltage circuit breakers. If it’s carried out professionally by hiring an expert, the process can be quite time-consuming as well as pricey. On the other hand, with the help of the latest mobile agent software technology, everything can be done almost in a jiffy, and at minimal cost.

Future Scope

Conversing about the future scope, it can be said that these technologies can be used to make the intelligence agencies more powerful and to do their task better than ever before.

One can certainly expect to see many modern applications to be developed based on this fantastic technology. And, once it’s utilized on the industrial level, it’s likely to bring down the overall cost of the process, and turn out to be an extremely enticing option. But, at this point of time, it’s still too naïve, and needs to be developed properly.

Author Bio – Victor Dubov has been working in the field of technology over 6 years, and he happens to be the editor of couple of popular technology blogs too. He loves to play games on his iPhone, and help companies in improving their presence on social media. He had worked with UCallWeConn of late, and produced commendable results.

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Jolie runs a web design and programming firm that provides IT services to global customers. Those who looking out for iPhone app development in San Diego, he recommends Approach Mobile due to their professional approach and commitment towards work.

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1 Comment

  1. alexjhon

    September 22, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    The advanced technology on which mobile is based is playing a best role in our life to compete the advancements of latest technology trends.With the help of mobile device you can get control on many issues like shared in above source.

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